Thursday and Glad of It...... (2019-03-07 - 1:26 a.m.)

So I am up with the doggies. Did I mention before, I now have the coughing crud, though I am still doing all the tasks that I normally ydo. I did take one day off a few days ago because I can't sleep due to the fact I spend so much time coughing. I can't remember the last time I had something like this. I am not going to say, thanks so much to Randy, though I know he passed it on to me. He said it seems that everyone he works with has it, has had it, or is getting it again. This coughing crud will pass, just not fast enough for me.

I have been doing more roof raking. Apparently this coming Saturday and into Sunday we are going to get hit with another storm system. This time it will be rain, sleet, and snow. I don't want the added weight on the roofs, so I am roof raking. Each day now with the temps starting to warm up I am walking North to look at where the channel forms a T, and I also walk NE to where the land bridge is to get off the Island. There is so, so much snow that I am also, as always prepping the basement as best I can for that to flood. Any time Randy goes to the grocery store he is picking up a couple of gallons of bleach for me. When you get water in your basement, you have a turn around of 24 hours to clean out the water and use bleach to stop the mold. I plan for the worst and hope for the best as they say.

Guess who is coming here on March 16-24, 2019? Yes, she is. So I am also getting ready for her visit. I was thinking last night after a coughing jag, that her life vest preserver is too small. So I have to ask my son what she weighs and have Randy buy her a new one, just in case we all have to get in the boat because the flooding is that bad. Like I say, be prepared. So next week I have to go clear off the little boat, make sure the plug is in it. The rope broke last year, so I will cut another piece off of the 300 ft. rope I have, burn the ends, and get that tied and secured to the boat. Then with Randy's help we will start dragging it towards the front deck. The new neighbors have a paddle boat and two kayaks. I don't think they are doing to much planning and getting ready. They have a metal roof, so he doesn't do much clearing of their roof. On their roof right now it looks like about 2 feet in some places. They have two huge dogs, and one large cat. Randy keeps reminding me that I can't help or aid everyone, and that I need to just let some things go. They are adults, ok, at least the parents are.

I made myself a task list. I started with the 6th day of March. I will pace myself because I am not at 100%. I don't plan on doing anything the day of March 16th. I am also flexible because I am on alert to watching the snow melt and the water levels around here, especially to where the Yellow River begins in NE Clark County. The melt and river flow has to come down this way, how fast, and if an especially rapid increase in temps may result in ice jams. Remember there is a damn just less that one mile from here if you walk in a straight line from the backyard. I love being near water, it makes me feel grounded and peaceful. Mother Nature is a force to be respected at times like this when the seasons change.

I am looking forward to seeing Daylight Savings Time coming back. It will make getting up so early with the doggies be one hour later. I like Daylight Savings Time, I do wish that we would always stay in that. No one listens to us though.

Well, not much else is going on around here. Randy is at work for two nights, and then it is his weekend off, thank heavens. I won't be alone here is we start getting water in the basement. There would be two of us working. Though I think next week will be more the issue and the following weekend. I do the best I can, and some things you just have to deal with the best you can. My priority will be keeping my granddaughter and doggies safe and out of harm. The animals are getting louder again in the early morning hours. I feel Spring is going to be arriving soon.