Lots of Talking...... (2021-07-31 - 6:36 a.m.)

So a few days ago, I did write an entry here, the only thing is, I don't know where it went, therefore I am going to try writing another entry and hopefully this one will get saved here.

I have had people overload. Let me tell you about this. I see and talk to Randy every day, so that isn't something I get overloaded with.

Last Saturday, in pulls Mike Gates, his brother Greg Gates, and Mike's dog, Brewer2. I had been expecting them to arrive the past couple of days. So they are here because of the two day golf tournament at the Arrowhead Golf course near Neekosa, WI. I give them some time to unload and get what little they brought put away. Then I see Mike's brother Greg going out and to the shed. Greg was going to get started on mowing the yard, which pretty much was a hay field only a grass field. Remember I did mow a path to Mike's blueberry patch and around that, so I could get back there easily to pick his blueberries for Randy. Somedays it was a race, who would get more blueberries, the deer or me. So Greg gets going on the mowing. I decide to go over and greet and talk with Mike then. I said to myself that I can only visit for 30 minutes. Remember people I haven't talked with anyone other than Randy, and my granddaughter Laila went back to GB a couple of weeks ago. Well we talked together, over an hour. I haven't seen Mike in person for a long, long time. Mike is 76 years old. To me his skin color was off, and he looked like he has lost more weight. He is super skinny to begin with. He spent the whole time while we were talking, rolling cigs for himself. It was like we had just talked together the day before. He brought up how he has been missing Patty, his wife, who passed away a year ago last June. So we both got emotional. Then he talked about his son Bryan who died in his sleep on their couch in Janesville a couple of years back. Mike seldom sees or talks to his other son who lives near his brothers place down in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Bryan's son, Caleb, has little contact with his grandfather. Caleb stole Patty's laptop and some other things from them. So there are some bad feelings there, plus Bryan and his wife had been divorced for many years. So after the two of us being emotional, we moved on to talking about my granddaughter. I then went home. Next day, Sunday, I know to wait until I see the West dining room curtain open before I go over there for my 30 minute visit. Well, I went over there, I got to visit with both Greg and Mike. Then Greg says, I have to get out there and mow round two now, at a lower deck level. So he went to do that, and I stayed to visit some more with Mike. Mike told me that, believe it or not, Tom and Rose Nelson stopped in for a very short visit. Tom and Mike used to play cribbage daily, then something Tom said while out at a bar in Pittsville, Tom was drunk mad Mike very angry. Tom said some nasty things about his sons, to strangers and other people. To this day Mike has not gotten an apology from Tom. I get it, yet don't you miss your cribbage playing friend. Mike told me, they had stopped by, to let Mike know that he, Tom was going to be doing the Arrowhead gold tournament this year. Mike said ok and he told me that was pretty much their conversation. Mike said that no apology was offered. Mike told me that he already knew Tom was going to be in attendance at the tournament. Tom hadn't been to one in years because he wanted to avoid Mike I am sure. So we visited, Mike and I for another hour. I never get out of there in 30 minutes, even though I try. So the Gate brother's do the tournament on Monday and Tuesday. I did go and visit each of those days, because, remember I hadn't seen Mike in a long time. Oh, Tuesday I had a hair appointment so I talked to my hair dresser one to one which was nice. I hadn't had my hair trimmed since last June 2020. Then since I was in Marshfield I went over to Pick-n-Spend to get some canned cat food. Now next day, Wednesday, I decided to go for a walk with two fly swatters. Those super biting black dive bomber flies are just terrible here. I only get so far past those neighbors two houses to the North of here, and I really, really had to start using both swatters to keep those damn flies away from my head. I said to myself, fuck this, and turned around, and I see those neighbors sitting on the driveway, in their camp chairs. I said to myself, oh fuck. I started walking back. I get adjacent to their driveway, hoping I could just wave and continue walking. No such fuckin' luck, the woman, said hi to me and said "what's new?" I stop and say hi and not much else. It has been ages since I had to talk with them. She said come on over. Being the polite human being I am, I slowly went over. Her husband was putting the two dogs in the house and getting refills on their drinks she said. So he comes back out with the drinks and says hello. Long time since he has seen me riding my bike or walking. See I take the path along the channel which comes out by the land bridge, so I can avoid them. They were chatty, and I knew that it would be awhile. First they say, of Zima would be so glad to see me, so he goes and lets both dogs outside. I am happy to see Zima. I like here. Charlie who is a girl is shy and reserved. Then Bill says, I am glad you are here, I have a question about an oak tree. It is the neighbor's oak tree to the North. I is dying because Bill trimmed a huge oak tree on his adjacent tree because he was bonking his head on it when he was using the riding mower to mow their backyard. I told Bill do not cut that branch down until you have multiply days of 32 degree temps. Bill cut this branch down in the Summer, hence killing the massive oak tree from oak wilt. Since tree roots spread out underground and reach out, other tree roots mesh with other tree roots. So Margie's massive oak tree is now dying. Bill feels terrible about this. He asked my opinion about what he can do. I asked him what he felt that he should do? We talked about what he could do, so I wonder what he will do. He just wishes that he had listened to me. I said, you have to let that go and understand that you learned a super valuable life lesson. Apparently I was talking to them for a long time. It has been agreed upon with Randy that if I am gone an hour for a walk, that you should come and look for me. So here comes Randy to check on me. He visited a bit and we walked home. So that was Wednesday. On Thursday, oh my god, my friend Sawyer shows up and stays to talk for hours, which I so loved. There you have it. That is a lot of talking with other people in six days. I realized how tired I was on Friday. I was so tired, that I took two naps, and went to bed my usual time and slept also. Now today is Saturday and I feel better.

In other things, I have been trying to mow sections. It is so hot and humid, muggy that your clothes stick because you are mowing, hence those damn black dive bombing flies are terrible. I just mow until they start driving me nuts. I do the best I can. I am hoping that it cools off a bit, we will see.

I got nothing else, so peace within yourself. Peace.