Being Prepared..... (2019-03-13 - 5:37 a.m.)

I am taking a little break now. I washed my bedsheets and remade my bed. So now I will have to shower and wash my hair whether I want to or not, hence, the reason I am taking a small break.

Last night there were puddles in the basement as Randy calls them. I just had a hunch, because it has been raining so hard here. I went down to check. Yup, water starting to flow into the basement on the South end. I spent getting up 6 times last night to go check and each time I had to vacuum up water. I have been coughing so all the time, that it wasn't too hard to just get up and do that. I have the fan running on high down there all the time now. I am not, I repeat looking forward to the next week as the temps continue to go up and up and up. At least Randy is off tonight, and when/if the water alarms go off, he can get down there and get started on vacuuming up the water. I need to rest a bit, and finish up tidying up granddaughter's bedroom and desk out here. I hope she can make it, it all depends if highway 80 is open along the Yellow River. Also since highway 54 from Wisconsin Rapids runs through low bog/cranberry marsh land, highway 54 closes a lot in the Spring. We will see. If she doesn't make it, at least all got a lot of things tidying up around here.

I am so an empath and an introvert. My new neighbors are driving me insane with their texts at times. They have so, so many questions about living back here and the Spring thaw with the channel and such. This is an exceptional year with so much snow, and such a quick rise in temps plus more rain today and into Thursday. We here are as ready as we can be. I have been telling them off and on the past few months, get some flood insurance. Well last weekend he did, and guess what, the policy doesn't go into effect until sometime in April around this time. What an idiot. I guess people don't really listen, or just hear what they want/need to hear. There is nothing I can do about this, and I have let it go. He texted me last night, that today he is going to go buy another pump just in case, and a chainsaw. He said that over a month ago. We have three different kinds of pumps. If the electricity goes out we have a generator that will run the pump. Again, those city people seem to be idiots. I know this isn't too nice to call them that, but for heavens sake, think and plan and be prepared as best as you can. If you don't have to deal with water in the basement, all the better. Though you are prepared to do so if need be. Enough said I tell you. I am so glad for the work week to start because then his wife goes off to work, and there are less texts from her. I answer them because I am nice. If I don't answer them in a timely fashion, I get a text checking on me, and asking, am I alright. Hey, I do quiet time approx. everyday when I can from 12-3pm. I get up way too early with Sadie and Malcolm. We all need a little quiet time around there.

Randy Thursday night starts his 5 night work run. So I will be dealing with any water issues in the basement. On Sept. 24, 2010, the Yellow River crested around us at 18.43 feet. I do not have any idea how high it will be this year. They are talking about ice jams because of the quick thaw and snow totals. In Sept. 2010 we didn't have snow, just 8 plus inches of rain in like 4 hours time if I recall right. I got my grandma panties on and ready. I have my rubber boots that go up to my knees. I dug out my cutoffs. We have gloves and masks on the ready. I have food prepped to be able to eat cold if the power goes out. The chainsaws are ready, oiled, sharp in case trees need to be cut down. I can't really think of anything else. Oh yes, the little boat. That will be moved up by the front deck in a day or two. That is about it from around here. I will not be doing much on the computer now for a few days. I will do FarmVille for a bit, but probably not too long. Peace.