Chili........ (2018-11-30 - 3:07 a.m.)

Hi there early morning readers. So we are going to have a bit of a heat wave going on here. This is weird. Then all of next week we are dropping into the freezer again. Also next Friday my neighbor across the road is going back to Janesville to take care of his wife for an undetermined amount of time. Sad. When she was here visiting for a few days, she voiced to Mike and I was there also, that it is time to get a hospital bed put in their dining room. She doesn't think it will be much longer that she can do any more stairs in her life. Wow. That sure hit home. I am still just so amazed that she drove up here from Janesville for her, what I believe to be last visit here. We talked about the past and being up here. It was bitter sweet. Memories. OK enough of this.

So I get a call yesterday from my best friend from where I used to live in Owen. She has now long ago remarried and moved into the woods around Medford somewhere. Her husband and her just got back from Alaska. Remember she married a mink farmer, hence money. They had just been in Africa awhile back. Anyhoo, the reason she was calling me, and I could tell something serious was going on in her voice. She had a dream about me, well I was in it with her. She couldln't figure out how real it was, so she had to been having a "lucid" dream. OK. She dreamt that I was mad at her for going to Alaska. Why? Because she didn't really want to go because her oldest dog was pretty sick. I got it. She was upset with herself, and she knows how I feel deeply about out pets, they are family members. She feels so guilty, because her Abby disappeared. Another dog had deep cuts/bites around his neck. The friend who is a vet up in Medford, was coming daily to care for her dogs. They have a doggy door so their dogs could go in and out of the house. They also have workers who come in daily to take care of the mink ranch. So there are a lot of people around Lynn says. She thinks that the male and Abby went outside to potty, there where coyotes there, attacked and took Abby, who is old away, and the male tried to save her. When Lynn was telling me all this we were sobbing together on the phone. We calmed down. This was why she dreamt about me and how she knew I was so mad at her. Oh, Lynn, I said, I am not mad. Sad about Abby and your loss. We talked for a good hour. Me calming her and trying to help her find some peace. She said that all Summer and Fall that when the windows were open at night that she could hear the coyotes calling. So that was a sad call. I hope that over time she doesn't beat herself up about leaving on a trip about this. You never know in life about anything. OK enough about that.

I am going to write about food now. A nice calm topic. I made a not as large pot of chili for Randy earlier this week. Apparently it is very, very tasty. He ate 3 bowls of it when he got home from work, even after eating his usual bowl of cereal with a banana in it. There is a lot, so I took a bowl over to Mike. He ate it for supper. He said it was good, but not as super spicy as what he usually makes, he didn't get the farts and laughs. He also mentioned why garbanzo beans? Randy likes them in his chili. He also said it needed more kidney beans. Randy like more meat in his chili, hence the 3 lbs. of Angus hamburger beef. I said hey Mike, I make it the way Randy likes it, so shhhhhh, you got a bowl of it, you old fart. Then I also took a bowl over to Bill, the neighbor two houses to the North. Why I did that, I don't know. I just did. He stood at the counter, I was invited inside, eating the chili, saying, oh my god, this is so yummy. He talked and ate. He said he should save some for Krissy, then, said nope, and ate it all. So since I can not eat this, I had to rely on their three opinions of it. It was awkward just standing inside their house again. I left as soon as I could. I guess it is just my nature to be nice. Bill if he wants anything homemade, made from scratch has to cook it himself. My bonus was I got to pet and talk to Zima, their dog, and get to know their other dog. I made a kind gesture because I did.

Mike's wife, Patti will turn 71 years old on Dec. 5. I picked out and wrote out her birthday card yesterday evening. Randy mailed it on his way to work. I wanted her to have her card ahead of time so she could enjoy it. This maybe her last living birthday here. She had told me she is 10 years old than me, and actually she is only 8 years older than me. Her memory and facts get jumbled up.

I find it hard to believe that today is the last day of November. How the days go by so quickly, even when I couldn't wander and gather off the Island for 9 days because of deer hunting season around here. I have walked 3 out of the 4 days this week. Yesterday the road was too "slickery." I didn't want to take a chance and fall. No one comes back here too much, so who would have helped me if I had fallen and couldn't get up. Hahahaha, I sound like that commercial. I have to start thinking about safety when it comes to the conditions I walk on. That is what Randy is telling me these days.

So that is about it from around here. Peace.