Fur Babies..... (2018-12-05 - 7:55 a.m.)

Here it is Wednesday already. Got up with the dogs at 1:09 am. Yes people I live my life on what I call, "dog time." It is all fine with me, since I don't work out there with people. I can do this, I will soon go and lay down again because I can. I was all showered and hair washed by a little bit before 5 am. Then I waited a bit and washed my sheets, and my lovely bed is already remade. Bam. So laying down will be a dream. I love clean sheets. I was thinking about the doggies I have had in my life. I grew up with a small beagle named Samantha. She was still living when I went off to college in 1974. If I recall correctly she passed away from old age when I was a junior in college making that 1977. In the Spring of 1977, my boyfriend and I adopted a rescue mixed doggie, named her Jule. I eventually married my boyfriend making him husband #1. When I got a teaching job, and moved into the country, we decided to get another dog. We named her Reba, and then we got another doggie, and I named her Nija. I loved them so much. When our marriage didn't work out and we parted ways, he eventually got all 3 of the dogs. Why? Because they grew up together and needed to be together. Oh, the reason that we got divorced is because, one Summer while I lived on campus in Stevens Point to complete one of my Master's degrees, he moved back to his brother's place, with the 3 dogs to Hillsboro, Wildcat Mountain area. His high school girlfriend from his past was a Forest Ranger in the Wildcat Mountain Park. He started seeing her, and started having sex with her. I found out because one Thursday, I got out of class early and went to Hillsboro. I thought to surprise him, and boy was I the one who got surprised. So ended my marriage and being with those 3 lovely dogs. In the Fall of 1983 I became pregant with my son, from a guy I had meet in sign language night class. I would give birth and be a single mom for a few years. Then when my son was about to start school, back in 1989, being from a small school district and all, I decided to go ahead and marry, husband #2. Big mistake on my part. Did it so my son wouldn't be picked on. Well, husband #2, started seeing some woman from Stanley, and got her pregant. He wanted out of our marriage. Now readers, for god's sake, do not feel sorry for me. Live and learn. It was my best friend who I call Skinny Lynnie, the doggie momma to Abby, who I have written about a few enteries ago, Lynn told me so I wouldn't find out or hear the rumours going around. All of which were true. So farewell to marriage and husband #2. I continued on being a single mom. Then in 1993, my son was 9 years old, I met Randy, who became husband #3 and will be forever. My dad said to me, that the 3rd one is the charm. To tie this in with having pets, especially dogs, I have had doggies for 56 years of my life. When my son and I moved here to live with Randy, he had cats. So Katie my black lab mix, still being around 1 year old, grew to be friends with his kitties. Sadie entered Katie's and our life when Katie was starting to age. Malcolm came to be part of our family as a rescue doggie, her previous owners didn't want him. Thank heavens we found each other, because he had to have major surgeries on his hind legs, or he would have become lame and couldn't walk. I was retired by then, so I devoted all my time to caring for him, doing the meds, doing the lifting, no stairs for awhile, and all the months of physical therapy. Now Sadie is getting wobbly, falls over often when she poops due to a bulging disk and fragile spine. She is 14 plus years. The vet told me a few years ago that the life span of a Boston Terrier is around 11 years, so Sunshine Sadie Pants is doing alright. I am 63 years old now. Randy and I have discussed this in great length. We are not going to have any more family pets in our lives. It wouldn't be fair to them. If and when we die, I don't want those fur babies to go somewhere that they wouldn't be loved and cared for like we would. I can't expect my son and future wife to take on our pets because they might still be living in a condo or somewhere where dogs aren't allowed, or that there is a limit on cats. So I don't mind, "dog time" at all. I love each and every day together that my doggies have with me. Thank you for being part of my family. I have loved and will always love all my pets I have had. =^..^-