Tidbits of Info About Me.... (2018-07-03 - 3:24 a.m.)

Howdy do, everyone who reads here. I was asked about my past work/career history. So I will give a brief recap. I have always felt a person is not their work/job career etc. What makes us who we truly are is in our soul, heart, and minds. Just sayin'
So here goes:

Graduated HS in 1974.
Was always a reader and writer. While in 7th grade I had an English teacher who did a lot of creative writing assignments. I loved the writing assignments. She would through a number of poetry and or haiku assignments. I loved it. She always, always wrote me notes and encouraged me to never ever stop writing. I so remember the last class of that year, she gave me this little small book of wisdom and quotes, I still have it. She was so inspiring as a teacher.
Remember me probably writing how I come from a background of high achievers and highly educated people. Yup. So it was understood that there will be future learning in my future.
HS sucked for me. I didn't fit in. My dad was first a principal, then went on and got his doctoral, and became one of three assistant superindents in this school district. My dad eventually became a superindent for a school district in Southern Minnesota until he retired. My sister focused on math, got multiple degrees, worked as a civilian for the military, programming minutemen missles and MX missles. I can't seem to remember right now. My mom was a registered nurse, then a ICU nurse, then an industrial nurse, then a nursing home administer. Yup, all the family, highly educated and high achiever. I was the dreamer. By this time I was in college. So my Jr. high/HS years my dad was the principal and strict, so that didn't get me a lot of friends, this carried over to HS, so you know the rest. Thank heavens I am and continue to be a foracious reader and writing. It helped me through my life and continues to help me through my life. OK back to my professional background.
College. Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation with a teaching degree in Special Education. I graduated college in 1978. I went to Summer school, so I was able to get through in 4 years. I also didn't really want to spend a lot of time at home. I was in my groove I guess there.
Got a job at the first school district I taught in August 1978. I was the grade 7-12 HS special education teacher. It was tough. So being young and foolish I turned in my resignation the Summer of 1979. I found my next teaching job three weeks before school started there. I found a house in the country there and bought it because I felt the connection to the country. While teaching special education and learning disabilities, grades 7-12 again, I pursued my Master's of Educational Profession. I focused on vocational training and career education for the secondary student population. By the time I resigned from that school district I was already over on the pay scale and down in the far right corner of the pay scale and pretty much wouldn't be getting any more increase. I became pregant, gave birth to my son in July of 1984. So having a child my ideas and need to be better financially secure arose. I continued to take courses that gave me further pieces of paper saying that I was trained to be an even better educator. While after two marriages that didn't work out, I meet my husband of today. My dad has always told me that, "the third one is the charm." My parents really love him. They have showed him this finacially. Randy and I have been together longer than a quarter of a century. I never remember the exact amount, because it sometimes seems like yesterday. Back to professional job history. So when my son finished 3rd grade we moved over here. That Summer when he was in between 2nd and 3rd grade I found and started working from here for the county I still live in. The program was for the mentally challenged adults and adults who were mentally ill in the larger community to the West of us here. It was job skill/vocational assessment and training. There was a business within the program. The clients entry skills started at nothing. We trained them, got them out of their parent's home, living in structured homes with other people like them and full time care givers. The these people either stayed in this vocational program we had, or moved on to ODC(opportunity development centers), huge in in the upper midwest areas. This program was sold out by our county to save money for the county. So after 20 some years or there abouts, I was jobless. My last day of work was October 31, 2010. I started unemployment and job searching. I would have taken pretty much any job, I was probably over qualified, and a bit older. I searched for work for two years. I didn't really have to work, Randy said I could just be at home. I started working when I was in 7th grade and have worked even through college until when I did. Remember I got really sick with c-diff in Jan. 2006. That illness really, really changed my life health wise so much. This is why my husband felt I should have stopped working then, but I didn't. While continuing to look for work, I started to really enjoy being at home and especially outside again more and more. My health began to improve. It will never ever be great again, though that to is alright. During this time my son really needed me, I have a granddaughter who spends a lot of time with me. I wouldn't have been able to be so here for them if I had continued to work full time. My pets as they have aged need me. I am here. Again I write that we are not our job/careers. I for the most part have enjoyed my working years. I actually feel better when I am doing physcial work now. I have more time to be creative, read, and especially write. I have had a fair amount of my poetry published out there. I live a life of loving, that is who I am.

I hope this has been interesting enough, and has given those who are curious about my past background. I got bored rereading this. I live in the moment and the present. I exist.

P.S. Please forgive the spelling errors. Remember I was taught sight vocabulary and I truly suck at spelling even after all these years, and I am ok with that. P.P.S. Thanks for asking, I appreciate the curiousity.