What's Up....... (2013-01-08 - 6:03 a.m.)

So the Packers did win. The play in San Franciso on Saturday night my husband was telling me. To bad he has to work this weekend, and will have to record the game, since that is his sleeping time before having to get up and ready to be off to work.

On Sunday with my husband's help, we shoveled out the driveway for the guy who lives across the road. My husband used the snowblower and I hand shoveled as usual. The snow had softened up enough that it was fairly easy. Took about two hours to do or so. Then another neighbor guy came over just a smidge past noon, and helped figure out how to attach the snowplow to the ATV. They got it on really quick, and my husband gave it a try. He got stuck, so my neighbor and I had to shovel out the tires. My husband will have to practice. You have to be in a certain drive or something, etc. I also think chains on the little tires might help a bit. So now my husband won't have to listen to me ask, is now a good time to figure out how to put the snowplow blade on the ATV, whoppee it is done.

It is real warming up here. The wind is calm right now, and the weather person said that the fog is thick. On Thursday there is going to be a strong possiblity of rain. I don't like the sounds of that. I think rain on top of frozen snow, yup, flooding. I sure hope not. At least my husband will be home Thursday night. I also have wood in the basement that has been drying since the last snowstorm we had. You need to be prepared if the electricity goes out. I am always thinking. Though today I plan to put aside alot of thinking to enjoy getting my hair colored. I plan to leave early enough so that I can go to the vet and get another bottle of Pet Tabs for the dogs, and Malcolm needs some more pain meds in case he needs them. Remember he had knee surgery in Summer. Now, and I wish that he shouldn't, he has been going past the area we shovel to poop, meaning he has to walk in the deeper snow, hence, putting alot of strain on that leg. So he limps a bit, and it looks to me like it hurts some when he gets up out of his bed. So being a good doggie momma, I will get him some more pain meds. I gave him one the other day, and it helped. Plus with it being slippery on the road, he starts to run, and you know how a dog slips a bit. It is harder for him to stop running. Mind you, he doesn't run very fast, not like Sadie, he tries his darnest to keep up.

I sure got up early today. I will have to try to sleep again for a bit in awhile. I just go with the flow of it. What else can I do. Yesterday I made white cheddar mac and cheese. That is some good food, very comforting. Just like pancakes. I should make some pancakes soon, that sounds good. I have to remember to get out another package of chicken breasts. I think I have one more chicken boob to eat.

Oh, on ebay I have been looking at Fischer Price Sweet Streets stuff for my granddaughter. I bid and won, one, it was a hospital, so I told my husband that he will enjoy playing that with her. I am trying to get a whole community. What I like, that I remember about Fischer Price that they clean up well. My son had alot of Fischer Price sets. We used to put them in the tub, squirt Dawn, and used soft brushes and scrubbed them clean. My son loved doing that, they spraying off the suds down the drain with the shower head. Then in the summer we would do the cleaning outside and they would sit in the sun to dry. So having a granddaughter to look for Sweet Streets sets is awesome. I have also been looking for Sweet Streets figurenes they call them. It is always fun to search and look, and try to win it cheaply. I just don't understand why people bid. Just watch the item, so the cost doesn't go up until a minute or so before. When the bidding has gotten too high for my limit, I just check in to see how high it went for and how many bids there were. People get smart, and just watch the item you want until the time is almost done. My granddaughter, my husband, and I are going to have alot of fun playing when she is here. Plus in the warm seasons we can play out back on the patio, what an adventure to look forward to.

Well this is about it for now. Oh, I did shower last night. Didn't have to wash my hair, since I have a hair appointment this pm. Snooki & JWOWW are starting a new season tonight.