You Don't need Words Here.... (2011-02-12 - 6:35 a.m.)

I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who read what I write, and an especially heartfelt thanks for the kind words about my husband medical adventure. He thought that he might be able to come home for a couple of days. So I stayed dressed until 9 pm last night waiting. Nope, he is still there. He will be having his surgery at 8 am Tuesday morning. They will remove his gall bladder. They will try the microsophic way, but if that doesn't pan out, it will be the incision way. The surgeon also said that they will have a second speciality surgeon in there because of his bile duct problem going on. So now we know. So I called my son and parents. My mom said that they will come if my husband wants them there. Oh right, put it back on us. I told my son that he didn't need to come, that I would call him if I needed him. I figure he may want to come over later in the week. So that is all I know for now.

I got up awhile ago, why, because I need to bake another two packages of chicken boobies. I also did a load of clothes I have been pretty much living in. I even threw in my fleece fuzzy winter coat. Right now it seems very warm out because I took the garbage out. I checked the water softener holder and it is half full. I told my husband this on the phone and he told me, there were more bags of salt in his trunk, but don't attempt to lift them. Well sorry honey, I need to get at least one into the salt bin. Our water here is extremely irony, so the salt in the water softener is really necessary. I will put my son's old sled by the back of the trunk, first I have to find the keys for his car, he locks it even in the garage. I will lever the bag over the trunk lip and I figure let it fall onto the sled. Since we got a light dusting of snow last night, I will pull the sled up my claret sidewalk, over to the path, around the house, to the back slider. I figure I can even drag the sled and salt into the downstairs. I then thought that I will open the salt bag, use a pail to scoop out the salt and put it into the salt bin. This way I won't hurt my back too much. I really don't need a back issue right now going on. I do believe my plan will work.

Did I mention what I did in order to fill the two bird feeders here. The locks(my husband super locks everything here) were frozen. I went downstairs and got the extension cords, plugged it into the covered plug-in on the front deck. Got my hairdryer and warmed up the locks so I could open them. Got that part done. Then I had to get my under the sink hammer to help move the frozen latches in the holders(of course for security sake, there are two of them), I got that done. The filling of the two huge feeders was the easy part. I had to go into the house twice to warm up, it was sooooooo cold that day. I didn't put the two locks back on because I didn't want to have to deal with the hair dryer part of that adventure again. So the birds got feed. I also put new suet blocks in the suet feeders.

IdaMay had a terrible night last night. I heard her pain calls going on, so I got up and poor little girl, was trying to poop. She pooped a small ball, and that was it. Then she just laid in her litter box. It is so hard to watch how weak she has gotten even more so then a couple of days ago. Her vet called me yesterday morning to see how she was doing. I told them all about her situation, and how I am making her as comfortable as I can. She didn't sound to surprised. So last night I decided to call the vet this morning and ask them to put her to sleep. I do believe that she is hanging on for me and her animal friends here. I want her to have her dignity to the end and not to suffer, and last night she was having way too much pain. I believe in my heart that this is her time, and I need to let her go and say good-bye dear friend. It is soooooooo sad. IdaMay has had a super life with us, and my life has been so enlightened by her. I love you IdaMay, and will never forget you. Please say hi to Katie and Cookie for me, up there in our loved pet heaven. Take care sweet one, I love you so much. Here is IdaMay & her pal SadiePhotobucket