Have a Good One....Day That Is... (2010-12-31 - 7:02 a.m.)

They say taking some time to do some reflecting of your year that is coming to a close is a good thing to do. It may enlighten you to do some planning for your future. I feel that just taking some time to think about your recent past is alright, I don't need to get bogged down in it. I can only speak for myself. I basically live in the moment now, since a few years ago I was near death medically. This year I have been able to eat a few more foods, I have had numerous allegric reactions to some foods, so I know to avoid them. Taking chances with my health isn't something I want to do. I plan to continue working on being healthy both physically and emotionally. I do think that is the biggest one for myself. If I am feeling good, the rest of the day will go well. See I soooooooo live in the moment. I do think about things for the future, but I don't dwell on them. Currently, since I was permantently laid off from my job of 16 years, I figure that another opportunity will happen, and who knows it may be even a better job. It is amazing to me that I have been unemployed now for 8 weeks. It has been very hard to find even two job possibilities per week. At one job search site I go to regularly, this past week there was a gap of 6 days of job possibilities, that is so sad. The 3 new jobs listed were jobs I am not trained to do even. So for my contacts this week, I called two places, whee, that is done. I figure today and tomorrow nobody would be available to ask about if they have any job openings. So enough job search talk.

Moving along....we have been having a melt going on here. The only thing about having a melt, the melted water sits on top of the ground. There are puddles all over the channel, big puddles, more like mini lakes. The snow is now super saturated out there. I tried yesterday to shovel the area where the pumper guy needs open to back into. I couldn't lift the shovel I figure without straining muscles in my back, so I stopped. Our snowblower is still in the shop to be fixed, along with our chainsaw, but it wouldn't throw that impacted snow anyway. Now today throughout the day, the temps will start to drop and by tonight there will be a skating rink all over. If people were smart they would all stay home for their own festivities to ring in the new year. We don't do anything. My husband worked again last night, so he will probably sleep most of today, and go to bed early tonight. At least he has a job, even though he is very stressed out on this job. I worry about him. If they close down the nursing home, he is also worried about our health insurance, since he had to pick up our health insurance when I became permantently laid off. I carried and paid the premiums for 16 years for the both of us. I figure if they close his workplace, then we have to look for other health insurance. I have more than one pre-existing medical condition. I say, oh well, maybe we would have to get BadgerCare or something like that for awhile. Things happen that one doesn't always have alot of control over. I basically am a positivie person, I help bring other people's spirits up. This year I am going to work on finding out what else I can do for myself to make my spirits happier. I am tired of being there for everyone. I guess I need to help myself out more.

Today I don't have alot of plans. Young & the Restless isn't on today, they are having basketball. Oh, I finally finished the current book I was reading. It wasn't very good, it seemed to take me forever to read it. Usually Ted Dekker is a good read, but I would pass on this one, "The Bride Collector." Today I am going to start, Stephen King's book, "Under the Dome." I hope that I get sucked into this read. If I don't get into it within 100 pages I am going to stop and look for another read. It has 1,074 pages. The book is heavy. My huband read it on his Kindle. I don't plan to take a juccazi bath today because my skin is so dried out. Just plan to relax and enjoy the moment. Wishing all the folks who do read what I write a good day. Thanks, take care, enjoy life and find meaning in your existence. Be happy. I am starting to sound like a "60's" child, hey I am. I have been told that I am a hippie, hey I take that as a compliement. I think I spelled that word incorrectly. Have a good one. Oh I almost forget, I want to get another tattoo soon. I have to keep saving up my money, you know how that goes, it all takes time.