What...A Longer Entry...Woot!!!! (2009-06-20 - 5:20 a.m.)

I am up way too early this morning. I have been up for an hour now. I will go back to bed soon for a morning nap, don't you love it. This week something happened in the laundry room. The trap or something is plugged and there was water on the floor. I wasn't as perturbed as my husband. It must be those small things that are the most perturbing to him. It has to be fixed, I figure he has two more weeks to get it fixed before I have to take the colored clothes to the laundry mat. I just shudder at the thought of having to go to the laundry mat. So we will see how long it takes him to deal with this. He will have to go outside in the back yard and dig up where the pipe is that drains the washing machine water out of. I also think that is where the trouble is. Start there first. Doesn't sound like to fun of a job. We haven't had problems with this in 14 years, so I think that is darn good. Probably a seam in the pipe split and since it is sandy soil around here, that is probably the clog and causing water to back up into the trap here in the house. So my husband has a project, and I just have to keep my mouth closed. This is his weekend off, so just maybe he can fix it this weekend. He has more to wash then I do because he does his nursing outfits alot, so there is incentive for him. Who really wants to go to a laundry mat if they don't have to. I would have to get dressed out of my weekend lounge wear and sit around inside a grungy place, yucky!! I must really be spoiled. I remember when I bought my first house, that was the first purchase I made, a washer and dryer. I bought that even before a stove. Enough said about this little challenge, because it comes with the territory of owning a house. We have been very lucky that this house is well built so far, but it is aging just like the two of us, ok, two of us plus four pets living here. Now that I think of it, I am sure that we should replace all of the downstairs carpeting soon. It will just have to wait until my son finishes at ITT in GB, because as you all know, I am paying for his being able to live there. Our son told me this week that he has another part time job prospect, we will see, I never hold my breathe or cross my fingers. This week I sent out the check for his July apartment rent, and today out goes his weekly $75.00 check for his weekly grocercies and gas money. So money well spent and sent, just to hoping down the road that he gets a good job when he is down with ITT, one can hope. Without hope what the hell is there.

What plans this weekend, I want to take a jaccuzzi bath, I haven't taken one now for a couple of weeks. I should go down and get some organic chicken out of the freezer so that I can make that tomorrow. Sunday is damn, shower and wash the hair day. I so wonder why I hate to do that chore each week. Naps are a must to do, and read. Oh, and plus be the cheering squad and beverage getter if my husband decides to dig out back. I can check on him from the upstairs window. I saw on the weather that it is supposed to be super hot and muggy here, how yucky is that. I am not a summer babe anymore. Used to be a sun worshipper when I was a teenage. We grew up on a lake and so we layed out alot on the raft and went to the Islands alot. Did all that waterskiing and swimming life as a kid. I also in the winter skiied alot, and was on ski patrol. It is a wonder that my skin isn't hard and leathery, thank heavens for Avon's Rich Moisture cream, I use it religiously each and every morning and night since I was age 11 I think. My aunt lived in Florida and when I was a little girl she came to MN for her summer vacation. She showed my sister and I how to care for our skin. She used Avon's Rich Moisturizer. She gave us each our own jar, they were glass then, I still have it. My sister didn't use Rich Moisture like I did, and today she looks older than I do. People never guess that I am 53 years old, they guess that I am in my 40's because my skin looks so good and very little age lines, etc. So I attest this goodness to using Rich Moisture by Avon every day from an early age, thanks so much Aunt Peggy. I so love remembering the early years.

I am thinking strongly about making another tattoo getting appointment. I have to stop soon, naw, I don't think so. I have to save more money to get one. I want to finish my back piece and we are talking big bucks, my tattooist charges about $100.00 an hour. I can take up to 3 hours and that is about it of work. Maybe be around my birthday I will have enough cash to set up an appointment. It is better to get tattoos anyway when it isn't summer, they heal better when it isn't so hot outside, I have found that out for myself anyway. I know I am just rambling on here, I haven't written alot lately because I really don't have much to say, but wow, today, babbling thoughts are spilling out. With all this written I guess that is about it from here. Almost time again to go take a little cat nap anyhoo. Enjoy the fucking heat wave if that is your thing, otherwise thank heavens for central air conditioning.