Just a Little Babbling Brook of Words Flowing Out.... (2009-03-23 - 5:59 a.m.)

Here it is Monday, and a rainy Monday to boot. So I suppose it is raining around the Red River in ND. Man, I remember 1997, my sister was there and she was helping with the sandbags. They closed NDSU and so she worked helping out. My cousins huge sugar beet farm is near Fisher, MN, for those of you who are familiar with the area. I had a cousin and her husband who lost their home in that also, because they lived in East Grand Forks. The ground most definitely hasn't thawed there and so hence the unbelieveble problem. Now they are saying that they need twice as many sandbags as they have in place now. I so wish them safety. My mom and dad are worried about all the relatives who still live around Grand Forks. Grand Forks is my mom's old stomping grounds. She worked at the Decaness(I spelled it wrong, sorry)Hospital in GF, that is where I was born by the way. My dad being from around Minto, ND, I guess when they needed to buy something big either went to Grafton or Grand Forks. Oh, and Crankyone, my aunt, my dad's brothers daughter, was the mayor of Cando. Isn't it a small world!!!! Gee whiz, I am so remisining(again I suck at spelling)sorry people. I learned how to read by sight, and then later on, I learned phonetics. Hey I spelled phonetics correctly I think.

I am so looking forward to eating normally, I laugh here, because my normal isn't really normal like everyone else. I now have to take chewable vitamin c, yupe you guessed it, scurrvy. I little over three years and three months of little to no vitamin c, dah, do I feel dumb or what. In the gummy vitamins I am taking, there wasn't enough vitamin c, so scurrvy it is mateys!! I thought Poolie would get a charge out of that. I wasn't even on the high seas, or looking for the treasure.

It is now 6:11am, and it is raining here. The weather guy said to be careful driving to work, because the temps are on the cusp to make ice on the roads. I knew this because you can tell on the sidewalk and deck if there is a coating, even with the rain pelting on it. The dogs have to endure being wiped off now for a couple of days. It seems that tomorrow it will be raining harder, so maybe my dirty car will get rinsed off. The rainy and dreary weather doesn't get me down really, not like it seems to affect(hope I got the right affect here)my hushand. I don't think I notice it too much, only when it comes to driving to work and back. I got alot of other things on my mind. Plus I am, I hope, going to continuing being a super, duper positive person. I always think that I am doomed for life to be super, duper friendly and cheery person to others, even when my body is fucking hurting. I have the same problem with people, Frogeye, they just love to tell me about their lives and share something deep. It must be something in our faces and the wearing of our hearts on our sleeves!!

Moving on here, let's see, I just finished eating 10 whole wheat crackers, and people this is the last row I have of them. On Friday my husband went to three different stores looking for them and they were out. So tomorrow or Wednesday I will go back to the store I normally buy them and look. I will have to buy about 4 boxes I figure if they are in. It frustrates my husband when he can't find one of the food items I can eat. Really it isn't the end of the world for me, I have been low or not have some of the foods before, then I drink Gatorade, or god forbid I go buy a four pack of Ensure. Man that Ensure really sucks, but pinch your nose and swallow. I used to drink that and then throw it up. I worked hard to keep stuff in, so that I wouldn't have to be feed through a port line. Those of you who have had one, no what I mean.

Well, now what, I don't have much else, I can hear the wind going through the big trees around the house. It will be a dampy feeling day, so I don't care what anyone thinks, I will be layering in the clothes department. Last Friday I was so cold my body visibly was shivering at work. I felt just weird for hours off and on at work. I didn't go home sick though, I endured, go me. I had the little heater on all day there. I finally warmed up by the time I had to go outside to the cold, then it was crank the car heater up.

On a happy note, let's see, I woke up today and smiled because there was little Malcolm up by my neck, I could hear his tail thumping, he was waiting for me to stir and move. He is just too cute. I hope that Weetabix, you let Adeline sleep with you!! Malcolm licks my husband's ear, he doesn't do that to me very often. So Malcolm gets impatient for my husband to wake up apparently. Now Sadie and Malcolm are sleeping in their little doggie beds. Snug as a bug in a rug. Sadie likes to be totally covered up, and Malcolm only part of his body covered with the blankets. Idamay is near them, stretched out, oh now she is cleaning herself.

Take one day at a time and enjoy, live it to the fullest is my mantra. So you all have an excellent day....what else can you do!!