Keeping Things Interesting... (2009-03-13 - 5:45 a.m.)

I just want to thank the readers who left me kind words after reading yesterday's entry. Thank you. I also got a chance to thank the four ladies I work with for caring yesterday morning at the beginning of the work day. I am better, most definitely. Before the actually work day began yesterday, my boss lady, who gets there a little before me, and I talked for a bit. She told me that I don't need a doctor's note, though I am going to ask my doctor next week for one when I have an a.m. appointment on Thursday, just so my work boss has that on file, wouldn't hurt. My boss lady told me that it was alright to eat when I needed to. She also said that she was going to have to say something to this man so that he doesn't tell me to stop eating. I told her that there would probably be verbal harrassment back from him to me. I did eat my pieces of chicken yesterday, I ate them one at a time throughout the day, but I stood in the kitchen, hey I wasn't at my desk!! I am fuckin' 53 years old, and I have to deal with this crap and shithead at work. This man has a very good friend, a woman, who works for CCLS in the drop-in. Her tone is sickly sweet and to me she seems to be babying the clients. I think that she tells him everything that she observes. Some of the other co-workers call her, "Egor" I think. I don't say anything around her, I never did, because I noticed and heard that they were good friends. CCLS began Jan. 1st, 2009 as the program management for activities in the drop-in. They also took over the money management and record keeping of the client's money. Yeah--I don't have to go and cash checks at the bank. This man's friend didn't start working right away in January, she had to go through alot of training. Anyway, he spends alot more time hovering in the drop-in area now because they are friends, and I overhear personal talk between them all the time. Now he says he is a working supervisor. Well he isn't working when he is cruising around the drop-in and talking alot off and on throughout the day with her. He and she are awful big coffee drinkers, so as an excuse, he comes through and makes more coffee and gets a refill, therefore having to stop and talk with her. He also has to pee alot for a man, just an observation I have. So the reason I wrote about their tight friendship is because I think she tells him stuff that she doesn't think is right. I was told a rumor on Wednesday that this man and his wife of many years are going to be getting a divorce and my other co-workers think that this is also contributing how much worse his comments and treatment of them, and now is starting to include me more, remember he is not my boss, even though he thinks he is. Maybe if he gets talked to by my boss, which is also his boss, he will crack, and then we better watch out. Who needs to watch soap operas, when you got this. I just think that there is something mentally not right with this man, and that I hope that I and/or my co-workers don't get hurt. Oh, when I went to talk with my boss on Tuesday after work hours, when one of my lady co-workers was walking down the hall towards the door to go out, she noticed her boss, standing there just watching me, she told me that it was eerie, so he knew that I went to talk with my boss. So with all this added to the drama, I am doing better. I slept for a four hour block of time last night, so I feel much more rested. My blood pressure also isn't as elevated. I am an optimist person and so I get down, but then I pop up like a cork or bobber. That's me.

I sent half of April's rent($270.00) check to the apartment people and $100.00, written out to WPS to help my son and little family pay off their electric bill that, of course they are behind on. Now see, if I would resign, I couldn't do this, so I will be strong and made me feel so good to know that the four women that work as techs are there for me and me for them.

We are going to have a noticable warm-up here during the next few days. My husband made an appointment for next Wednesday for blood draws for both the dogs to test for heartworm, so that they can start taking their monthly chew-med. I am looking forward to being able to leave my gloves at home and be able to wear a bit of a lighter jacket. I really don't have much else. I am just glad when 4:30pm rolls around today and the work week will conclude.