Don't You Love the Job!! (2009-03-12 - 6:21 a.m.)

Yesterday at work was just terrible. I need to vent here because it was awful. Shortly after I got to work, I first get the phones and computer up, make the clients coffee, and empty the dishwasher. I get the client attendence up and ready on the computer for billing purposes, etc. So then the, what do I call him, head of the techs who work in the ceramic shop, comes and pulls up the other desk chair and says, do you think this is private enough for a talk. I thought, of gee whiz, what now. I don't like him. He also isn't my boss. He then precedes to tell me what I can't do at my desk. I can't eat, I can't play soliatare, I can't read, I can't get any calls on my cell phone. I can't work on the puzzle by myself which we always have going at a table in the drop-in. I have worked on the puzzle, but I can't recall if it has been alone, and I have also worked on the puzzle during my breaks. He also said that people are watching me. What the fuck. Now again, he is not my supervisor. The techs are not in my union either. So the straw that broke the camel's back to me was the, you can't eat at your desk. The other secreatary eats at her desk all the time. She doesn't take or get a break. I said that the casemanager's used to eat lunch at my desk when they had to cover, and they aren't here anymore. I eat my little 2 inch by 2 inch or 2 inch by 3 inch piece of chicken breast whenever I feel my blood sugar dropping. I never know when that is going to happen. I also eat organic wheat crackers so that I get some carbs in me besides some protein. It bothers me so that someone is telling me that I can't eat when I need to for health reasons. I will say again, he isn't my supervisor. Oh, and he said don't take this personal. So I got very upset, and I am sure that he knew this throughout the day. I cried during my lunchbreak and could hardly eat one of my pieces of chicken. I was also pretty lightheaded by noon. I told him I was going to resign. I now don't plan to because I need the health insurance and there wouldn't be any money to help my son and granddaughters. At 4:25 pm yesterday I knocked on my bosses door and asked if I could talk with her after work. She said yes, why don't I come in and talk now. I said I can't that I will be back in 5 minutes. So I went to talk with her. I started out the convervsation with, you are my boss, correct, and you tell me what I can and can not do. Her answer was yes. So then I went on to tell her what the techs supervisor told me what I can't do at my desk. I told her everything. I even went back to an incident that made me scared to be alone in a room with this man, it concerned something between his younger daughter and my son and messaging. That was at least 10 years ago, and I still recall it vividly. I explained about being hypoglemic and that I don't know when my blood sugar will be low and that when I feel I need to, I go get one little piece of chicken and it doesn't take more than 3 minutes to eat it. I think that I will get my doctor to write something for me, that I need to eat when I need to. My supervisor asked me if they could accomandate me for this and I again told her I don't ever know, from one day to another when my blood sugar is low. That really bothered me the most. My other boss that I had for 15 years, saw me reading at the end of a day, by the phone and she came out and said that she didn't see that as a problem. Other social workers played solitare at the desk during my coverage, some also used their cell phones. I can abide by it all if it came from my actual boss, all of it except for the eating. I eat to survive, I don't eat for pleasure any more due to my health challenges. I wanted to resign all day. My co-workers all called me last night, except for one, and when one gal called her to get my home phone number she said tell me that I am thinking of me. They all said that we have to stick together. I have to tell my boss please just note this, because I don't want to be the whipping girl from him, because he will do more verbal harrassment. He always seems to talk to a person when there is no else listening, so it is your word verses his. It is all about what others think and bringing in revenue so the ceramic workshop will stay in business and I think specifically that he still has a job. Oh and I got a new huge project from him about all the prices for everything in the ceramic workshop. Now remember I was very sick on Tuesday, his idea I am sure is to hit you when you aren't up to par and feeling the best. Oh and my blood pressure was way to high last night, 168/100, around there, I had to take alot of my heart meds. My blood pressure now is 138/84 so that is better. I took another half a tablet, because, I have to not stroke out or have a heart attack. That is all I got to say for now.