Younger Years..... (2015-07-25 - 6:40 a.m.)

Sure is humid outside. Can't do much outside because of it. The heat and humidity do me in. It seems to make a person tired, ok, it does to me. Thank heavens nothing pressing is in need to be done outside. Got the mowing done earlier this week. I also changed and washed my sheets yesterday. I have to buy another set of sheets. We haven't bought new sheets for years. When a sheet gets to thin and actually rips we use it for painting then through it away. Well now we should invest in at least one set of sheets. We used to buy Martha Stewart sheets. There is only one store now, Macy's on line that sells Martha Stewart sheets. My husband likes super high thread count so they are close to $200.00 for a set. Yup, now you know why I keep putting off buying another set. I don't like to spend money, I like to save it. I don't seem to have an issue about spending money on my granddaughter though, so after some thought I will be rearing that spending back. She doesn't need anything except love and someone to spend non-stop quality time with her. I love reading to her and she loves it. Makes me wonder how much time the read to her up there in GB. I sent her a house mouse card with some spongebob stickers in it this week. She called me and thanked me, she was so excited. Glad I made her happy. We got to talking about our favorite dolls. When she was here a week ago I was telling her about my Little Linda. I have to get her out before she comes here again for vacation. I still have Little Linda. Granddaughter loves all her dollies she says. How can I just have a favorite. Well I told her that Little Linda was the only doll I had. I had trolls later on when I was older. I used to make clothes by hand sewing them for the trolls from leftover material my mom had from sewing us clothes. I remember when I was old enough my mom taught me how to sew on her Singer sewing machine. She had one that was in a cabinet. I remember it now like it was yesterday and I was sitting there sewing. My sister never got into any of the crafting etc. Over the years I became the one daughter who would sit for hours with my mom making presents for family before Christmas time. One year we made Princess Pine wreaths. We had to go out in the woods and pick the princess pine. We did that for weeks on the weekends in the Fall one year. That was the easy part. Making them was hard especially learning the knack of how to twist the wire right to suit my mom. Then next year we made cornhusk wreaths. I remember having to soak the husks in rose glyercin. My hands got to be so soft that year. That one was ok to make. The next year her idea was pinecone wreaths. Not like the pinecones we have here. Northern Minnesota pinecones. She still has a couple of those wreaths. We had to go out in the woods and pickup various sizes of pinecones. We did that for weeks on end on the weekends. The pinecones were attached with wire on the base. My dad also at times had to help with the cutting of the base form. We usually made 20 or more wreaths. Why? Well both my parents had large families. She also each year gave our milkman something that we(she) had made. Yes we got our milk delivered to our house for years. Jerry was his name and he would come right into the house in the back door. Besides milk, we got our eggs, ice cream, butter, and this best orange juice. He put everying away in the fridge and freezer. My mom always gave him a cup of coffee and talked with him for a few minutes. I remember this because usually at this time my sister and I would be eating our cereal before school when he would arrive. Everything was in glass bottles. Remembering this I feel pretty old. Wow, that was over 50 years ago. We were still getting our milk delivered when I started junior high, then Jerry retired and we got our dairy products at the Red Owl Supermarket. Why am I remicising here so much. I guess because those are a couple of things I smile about when I think about my younger years.

There is a black squirrel eating right now from the suet feeder outside the South window here.

Well I don't have much else going on today. I don't know what I will do yet. Maybe I will just chill and not do much today. I don't even feel like getting out of my loungewear. I think it is that I don't want to put on my bra. It feels like a no bra on the girls today sort of day. Oh, I parted my hair on the side this morning. I am still thinking about getting my hair cut. Hair grows back. I don't know if I like my hair parted on the side with the shape of my new glasses. I will have to dwell on this. There is no rush you know.