Is It Rreally April Now? (2013-04-06 - 4:03 a.m.)

Sometimes I wonder to myself about a lot of stuff. You would think at my age that I wouldn't question so many things. For instance: I have been dealing with for years trying to get a handle on, how to deal with my parents better. It hasn't been a full almost 58 years that I have been working on this but close. I truly feel that my parents think that I am still in the phase of my life when I was in the last two years of high school and college, plus the first few years of life after college and becoming a self sufficient adult who worked. Back to how to deal with my parents. I am trying to patiently wait for news about how my dad's medical tests, etc. went. I got an email earlier this past week, telling my husband and myself, that they would let us know how it went and whatever they may know about the medical results at that time. We know that most medically run tests, if not a dire medical emergency will take a number of days to have results. So don't you think that being one of their daughters, that one of them would have either called or sent us an email. So as of now, they haven't, and I don't know what is going on. Since in the email he or she wrote, that we will let you know, means, that we don't want you to call, that if there is any important news we will let you know. It is very frustrating for me to try and read into what the heck they really mean and want me to do. I don't think that there is any book out there that helps a son or daughter deal with their parents. Now I am in the phase of life where I am learning to deal with aging parents. I am learning to constantly being patient. So for now I will wait a bit more. I will let them have most of the day today to either call or send us out an email update. I have a hard time waiting at times.

Another turn in the weather here. When I put the dogs out earlier this morning, there is about an inch of snow on the ground. Better snow, because later on this morning, the weather people are saying rain. The channel and lake still have ice on it. Though yesterday morning I heard rushing water, so they did open the damn gates a little. Sunday so far looks moisture free, then next week rainy days. So I will be checking the two sites I have for the flood stages, plus I can look out a number of back windows or walk over to the channel and look at how high the water has risen. My husband says it looks like we will be ok for another 6 feet. I on the other hand say 3-4 feet and we would hopefully be ok. So it is just a watch and see because there isn't much you can do about the situation. We have just been fortunate that it has been a slow warmup going on around Central Wisconsin. Now the people surrounding the Red River in Grand Forks, ND. Wow, they are trying to fill over one million sand bags in the next couple of days. My mom grew up around that area. I was born in Grand Forks, ND. The one family farm was near Fischer, MN just a throw away from the Red River. My mom's family were sugar beet farmers. Crystal Sugar. The farm is still in the family. So I have been watching and listening to the news updates about the Red River and their flooding woes. I have relatives who live in Crookston, MN. We want Winter to leave, yet Spring brings people issues. I wish anyone who deals with water and flooding the best of luck and safety. Oh, I walked around the still remaining snow and did go and look at the boat on the trailer yesterday. I can move, ok my husband and I can move it if we need too. I will see what he thinks. I want to move it so if need be I can get it off the trailer to use it. I know, he always thinks I worry too much, but I would rather have a plan and always be thinking. I also want to put a ladder, in the ready on the back upper level deck, so that if we need to climb out on the roof we can. Remember in September 2010, we tried to get off the Island, but the land bridge off was covered with a few feet of water, if you looked East past the land bridge the road was covered and looked like a pond. So it is good to have a plan. Have a plan ready, and hopefully one won't have to use it. The worst would be to lose power and the pumps not being able to run. For us it would cost way too much to put in a generator, plus my husband said he would be concerned about a gas generator. I can see his point. As long as we and our pets are safe, it doesn't really matter about the stuff. I would just make sure I had my meds.

The past couple of days, my body has had issues. So I was along for the ride. I haven't eaten anything different. I have backed off of some of my usual foods I have been eating and going back to just the ones that I can tolerate. Crackers, toast, applesauce, rice, cream of wheat(only a cup at a time because of gluten and no milk). So isn't that lovely. Plus a lot more Gatorade again. Come on, I get tired of this cycle. Though I want to feel better, so the trade off is this. I have to watch my weight loss so I don't lose so much again. Oh well, plus I have to make sure I take my supplements. Enough written about that. I want to feel better because I want to have my granddaughter visit again. If my body isn't doing well, I can't take care of her, she is too much for me.

I am tired of being up so early. I hope that this changes again soon. There isn't much I can do about it, so I just live my life.

That is about it from around here. Over and out for today.