A Fun Week Ahead..... (2012-06-03 - 6:51 a.m.)

How did this happen. I woke up at 3:40am or so with a extremely bad charlie horse in my back right calf. It is still hurting 3 hours later. I got up and hobbled to the kitchen to find my potassium. When I do get a bad charlie horse I am allowed to take one extra med for it. Apparently mowing in the back on uneven ground I figure was part of the problem. Oh well, I dislike when that happens. I should try to eat a banana a day more regularly. I can try. So when the dogs did get up, I did a hobbly walk with them. I am not whining, it is how it is. Plus I had to eat late last night, 9 pm or so, why because when I checked my blood sugar it was a fucking 63, gee whiz. I almost think that the charlie horse thingy was also a sidebar from that. Anyhoo, so eating late, I got to deal with my gut most of the night. OK, on to other things.

My granddaughter will be here. We are meeting them in Waupaca. We had her for a her first visit March 24th for a number of days. So in the past couple of weeks her mom has asked me when we would like her to come for another visit. She is starting on her 8th month of living now, so this visit should be alot more active. Yesterday I did as much as I could outside, that is why I mowed some more. I figure I wouldn't be able to do that. I filled all the bird feeders, but not the hummer. I figure a few more days and I will need to mix up new hummer juice and change it. I also picked up two wheelbarrow full of pinecones and twigs. I still have alot to pick up in the back. This morning since I was up, I washed a load of towels, and now they are in the dryer. I also washed the dishes and cleaned off the counters reallly good. She is eating soft foods now and she is up during the day more. She also has an inner ear infection but is on meds. So my husband can give that to her. My son never ever had an ear infection, I was darn lucky, so how the heck did she get one? She is an excellent sleeper like my son, and when put to bed she was crying and fussing, and her mom said that isn't right, and they took her in. I am proud of them. Untreated inner ear infections can do alot of damage if left untreated. So that is my news, I will be busy having lots of fun time with my granddaughter for the few days.

It has been nice here, alot cooler, which is more typical of Wisconsin temps this time of year. Oh, the guy across the road, got a loan approved, and he will be starting to build a large garage/workshop for himself. He told me that he has woodworking equipment and other things back in Janesville that are just collecting dust. He is so excited to get this project going. He wants to be done before the start of deer season. You know he hunts. So he told me that there are 8 huge pine trees he is going to get cut down. He is called a man who cuts big pines down and will pay you for the wood. So I asked him if this man could talk to us. It would be so nice if it would happen. Though the man hasn't called my neighbor back, that seems to be the norm around here about people, you would think that you would want the work in the economy. So we will just wait and see.

I haven't gotten a call from my mom or dad since I had that talk with my mom about us thinking of buying the 4 wheeler/snow blade and trailer. I apparently hit a nerve, as usual with her. Silence on their part says alot to me. Whatever, as my husband says, that I shouldn't let them make mefeel bad. Having the 4 wheeler, snowblade, and trailer will help us out alot my husband says. Why should they care so much. This is the 3rd major negativism I have gotten from them since our granddaughter was born. The one that bothers me the most is the response to meeting her is, oh, we will meet her when she is baptized. WTF is wrong with them. Apparently it still bothers them that my son wasn't baptized. Hold a grudge much. It is their loss. So if and when they call, I will say their great granddaughter is here and leave it at that. I don't plan on saying something like, do you want to meet somewhere and meet her. We have visited my husband's mom when she visited here the first time. I will take her there again to visit her.

What else, oh, Taffy, the cat when she was outside yesterday caught a chipmunk. You know chipmunks are very fast, I didn't know that Taffy had it in her to run that fast. She brought it around to the front, the went on the front deck with it, only thing, she still has to figure out how to kill it. When she dropped it, she was so proud, and I was and am so proud of her, the chipmunk ran off. Wow, good for her, now she hasthe got to get me another chipmunk fever.

The sun is so warm looking shining through the windows into the living room. I love this early time of day, so calm and peaceful.