Time For Snow..... (2011-12-22 - 5:30 a.m.)

Waves thanks to the lady on the beach for the comment about pets. Traveling with your pets is comparable to traveling with kids. Some like to go for a ride, we have to spell ride out around here, and some don't really, but will tolerate the ride because they love you unconditional and trust you forever and always. So thanks for the nice comment, though traveling with them, isn't always sugar and roses, I do try my best. Hey, have a great time reading, no cleaning is always something great not to have to do. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

We got some snow last night. The weather people were correct for once, surprise, surprise. The little doggies stopped a moment in surprise when I put them out this morning a little after 4 am. You know they have to go because they went out at a little before 9 pm last night. I just picked up more pinecones and sticks the other day because it was above 34 degrees out, I still can't believe I did that for about 45 minutes in December.

My son's girlfriend is dealing with a bad gall bladder. She is scheduled for the removal of said naughty gall bladder, Monday, January 2nd, 2012. From talking to her, I don't think that she can make it for 12 days and nights. They told her to that if it got so bad to go to the emergency. She told me my son got laid off Tuesday. The place said only for a couple of weeks. Right we will see, she said that he is going to start looking again for another job. The county where his first biological daughter court stuff has been dealt with, has been trying to reach him for a couple of weeks. I don't know if I wrote this before but the first girl's mother is going to get child support reinstated. My son better get in touch with them. I think that this woman could get nasty, especially after she basically told my husband and I to fuck off about seeing or contacting our first granddaughter. Why? Because she has two other sets of grandparents who love her, see her often, etc., blah, blah. It was hurtful. The mother also wrote that we could love and enjoy our other granddaughters. I didn't inform her that the second mother of the two little girls, has banned my hushand and I from getting a chance from seeing those girls. We didn't even get to meet the third little girl. So that is why I am thinking, that this woman could get nasty to my son. If a warrant comes out for my son for not paying child support, and he lands in jail, my husband and I will not bail him out. The last time we did that, they kept our money to pay some back child support he owed. Live and learn. I won't have any money soon, if they don't pass the extension of unemployment money. So if that does happen, I can only pay the rent and electricity for Jan.and Feb., Feb. would come from my meager savings, and then that is it. Isn't America great. I sure feel sad for all the homeless and hungry people. So far my husband and I will make it. I don't know about my son, his girlfriend, and their new baby. Sad.....Merry Christmas, not really. I am not bitter, what good will that do. I just continue with my life and what it brings. I know alot of people are having to dig deep to find something to be thankful for. I always figure it all could be worse. It is too bad when not so good things happen to good people. With that said, I don't want this entry to be a "debbie downer," people have enough of that.

I got nothing else really. I am glad to have a roof over my head, a husband who loves me and continues to tolerate my oddities, especially now that I am around 24/7. I love my pets. There is alot more I am thankful, happy, and at peace with to list here. I still can afford diet pepsi, though I have cut way back on drinking it.

Winter is officially here last night. Now it will start adding 1 or 2 minutes of daylight each day. I am glad for that. I don't walk the dogs right now until after 7:20am in the morning, because it is too dark around here. They lifted the gray wolf endangered ban around here now. That means they are around here for sure. With the snow on the ground I will be able to see the wild animal tracks, and will be able to tell what animal it is.

My husband works Saturday and Sunday, which is fine. So we really should go get some groceries tomorrow, today is a sleeping day for him. If we both go, then we can each have a cart, and it would go faster, right? I hate to shop. I haven't bought or gone anywhere this year to shop for Christmas. My husband bought the gift cards, that all we did. My husband has got one sandwich round left for Saturday's lunch at work, so I really think that a grocery run is necessary. I would also like to go to Target, to spend some of my Target gift card. It is nice to not spend my husband's money for once, thanks to my folks. I can get all our personal items stocked up.

Well, this entry is getting boring to me, I am yawning, maybe I am just still tired. So thats all for now.