I Don't Know What To Call This Entry.... (2011-09-21 - 7:57 a.m.)

I got sidetracked yesterday. I got dressed by 8 am so that I can walk Sadie, that is the time she has to get walked by, otherwise she is in a big hurry to get out there and poop. So we did that. Malcolm always goes along, but he has long ago pooped. He likes to poop between 6 and 7 am. I know my dogs routines so well, especially now that I am home all the time.

OK, back to being sidetracked. After the walkies, I started the pick up the pinecones, twigs, and etc. Then I thought about if it were possible to cut down a few maple branches that are overhanging the garage, I am getting ready for Winter here folks. So then I go in the garage and get the tall ladder out and then this is were I get really sidetracked. I decided to sweep that corner of the garage. Then after doing that I think, go get the snowblower out of the shed, which I did. Then while looking at the inside of the shed, I see all the stuff, 16 years worth of it, that wasn't gotten rid of or given away. So I start pulling out things until the dogs area. My husband was apparently watching me out the front window. He must have been concerned because he comes out and asks me what I am doing. I said that I am going to clean out the shed today. He decided that he better help, because you know me, when in doubt, toss it out. So he helped. We took down our pool in the back in the year 2001. The pool stuff has been in the shed since. Now you get the drift. All the pool equipment from the pump, motor, everything was in there. It is now on the side of our driveway. I am going to ask my neighbor, who has a pool, if she wants any of it, then if she doesn't, I am going to put it on Craig's list, just like I did the old, old mesh 6 foot satellite dish. That went to a new home of a guy who make yard art. So I helped a fellow artist then. OK back to the shed cleaning. I went across the road to the neighbor and asked if he would like to come over and check out what we are throwing out. He came over and took some things, so that made him happy. My husband helped him bring it over to his house because remember this fellow has that COPD. We got alot done, my husband has been storing alot of pipes, he was planning on possibly using them to shore up the bank, but then he used railroad ties and stakes, so these pipes have been in the shed since, he didn't know, but the shed was built in 1993, so maybe those pipes have been in there a very long time. The pipes are now out by the road where the garageman will pick them up. We spent half the day outside working on cleaning out the shed. It wasn't planned, but most of it got done. It started to rain, so that put a stop to that. I got all the things put back into the shed that for now we are keeping. There is a boat motor and alot of boat motor gas cans, bird seed, and three shelving units full of stuff. Maybe we will get back to that this year or not. I think we made alot of progress. Each Fall we have to put in all the heavy patio furniture. Three tables, one of them darn big, 4 squares small tables that sit by the chairs, 5 chairs, the garden pots also go in there. So you can imagaine how tight they have to be packed. Needless to say, now with all the pipes gone and all the pool equipment and toys, there is alot of room. Sometimes it really does pay to get sidetracked, look what got accomplished yesterday. I won't complain about getting more rain because, boy do we need the rain here right now.

Today is kind of dreary here again. I don't think that my husband will be helping out much today, and that is OK.

I still want to work some more on the inside of the garage, there is alot to throw out in there also. I got the time to do that also. The pine needles are just on their cusp of falling down. The pine trees look more golden right now with their golden needles. They do this shedding as a way to allow the new needles to come in. Just recently the pines released their seeds. That was fun watching them fall to the earth. I swept off the decks, sidewalk, and patio two or three times a day for that. Always something to do, so soon, it will be back to raking up the pine needles.

Nothing else much happening around here, which is a good thing. Time to get busy outside.