Yes Today is Really Friday & I Am Sure of This.... (2010-03-05 - 5:38 a.m.)

So this week has been different to say the least. I wrote an entry a couple of days ago, thinking it was Tuesday, when it was really Wednesday morning. I didn't realize that until driving to work on Wednesday morning which was really Wednesday morning. So in my mind's eye I apparantly didn't go through Tuesday when in actuality I did. Anyhoo, went to work on Wednesday, it went alright, but I was feeling off a bit. Well on Thursday morning I woke up and zoom in, I was having a pulsing yellow orange orb with glass like fractures around my left eye, plus it hurt sooooooooooo bad. Yupe folks, a migrane. I don't usually whine but it hurt so bad that my hair hurt and I had to take my ponytail bungie thingy out because it hurt so bad. To top it off, I got diarrhea like a faucet, to boot. Needless to say, I called in sick on Thursday. Are you all with me here. First I downed 40 oz. of Gatorade, I didn't even have to tinkle for over 4 hours, meaning I slept for 4 solid hours, that helped alot. So I basically didn't do much on Thursday. My husband called his mother around 6:30pm to see how his stepfather was doing and how she was doing. He was comfortable and having more trouble breathing, and she was told again, it wouldn't be much longer. Well, at 11:14pm the phone rang, and I always jerk awake, and my heart races, it was his mother, and I knew what that meant. He passed away sometime between 6:30pm and 11:00pm. She said that the funeral home will call her on Friday. So today is Friday, and I am sure it will be different, and who knows when the funeral will be. Their conversation wasn't very long. My husband and I didn't say much to each other because his mother's husband has been suffering for a long time. He was 83 years old. Rest in peace now. He was married in 1973 to my husband's mother, making him my husband's stepdad. I don't know what I will have to do, but I will be ready to be there and do what I can. His stepdad had three children, the daughter passed away a few years ago, one of the two sons, just disappeared a number of years ago, and no one knows where he is or if he is still alive. There is a mystery there. The only son is up in northern Wisconsin along highway 2 somewhere. They used to come to see his dad on Saturday's. This son's wife has been dealing with chemo and cancer, and he also has some health issues. So needless to say, again my husband and I will be there to help all we can. That pretty much says it all in a nutshell. I have to work today, as much as I can because the paycycle ends, and the payroll data entry has to be finished so that the clients will be paid next week. The funeral will more than likely be on Monday so I will have to take that day off.

I now need to write a few things about my mother-in-law. She is fucking nuts. She started going through her husband's things and getting rid of them even before he had passed away. I don't know if I wrote this before, but one time when my husband went to the House of the Dove to visit his stepdad, his mother was waiting for him, because she wanted to drive the van full of her husband's things to St. Vincent DePaul to drop off. Remember my husband had told her that he wasn't going to help her with this until his stepdad had passed away. Well she just kept on doing it. He told her that St. Vincent DePaul will pick up stuff. She doesn't get around very well, she has this walker with a pull down seat to rest on. She also keeps saying she is dying also. When she began cleaning out her, then not passed away husband's stuff, she found alot of cash. She called him a miser and remarked that she was always told there wasn't even enough money to go out and eat once in awhile. Does this give you a picture of this somewhat bitter woman. So I think that part of the continuing to clean out her now passed away husband's stuff was to see if there was more cash hidden around and to just keep busy, to cope with it all. I will just be there to help when I can, and will do my best to keep my thoughts and mouth shut. She is the woman who wouldn't talk with me for about three years once, then all of a sudden she liked me again, and told my husband that I was the best thing that ever happened to him. She is so hot and cold. Anyhoo, so this is going to be my Friday and upcoming few days.