A Few Tidbits & Such.....Not!!!! (2009-12-13 - 5:15 a.m.)

Well I shouldn't have had the 1/2 grilled chicken breast sandwich and about 15 fries from the Big Boys Oasis/gas station less than a mile from us today around 2:30pm. It was so tasty, they even toasted the buns. My husband and I split the sandwich to taste it. I thought it was going through the digestive tract alright, but when around 6 pm came around, I just wasn't feeling alright. I knew that I wasn't going to have a good night. I was already getting some groin area body shivers, so I took my BP and decided to take 1/2 of my BP pill, why because when the complete body shivers take over this old body my body sends my BP up way too high. Then I opened up a Gatorade and slowly sipped that. I lined up three morning Gatorade and a couple of bottles of water. I put the blue gripper out so that I could use that to open the top. I put my special stop this fucking diarrhea medicine on the counter if I also needed that. I put the phone and a Gatorade in my bathroom also. Oh yes, my husband went to work, he works Sat. and Sunday nights, oh well. If he would have been here, he wouldn't have gotten alot of sleep for most of the night. My stomach was soooooooooo loud and hurt, then boom, the can't turn off the diarrhea hit really fast. It is just like you turn on the faucet, I know, gross, but that is how it happens sometimes in my body. I swear that whatever triggered and is bothering the digestive/colon part just has to escape super fast. So my mind and soul, being just along for the road, sit there and deals with it. I am just so glad that I didn't get a VVR(vaso vagal reaction) last night. I was just too tired after 3 plus hours to deal with that. I had some almost whole body shivers take over. Thank heavens for my two little doggies, they are so good, they snuggle right up to me and they don't care if my body is shivering. So I most definitely know that I have to add that to my don't eat list. I have today to take a nap.

Oh, yesterday, when my husband and I decided to get frisky together, I was laying there at the beginning, thinking, should I take the phone off the hook. Well, I should have. My son called just to chat, he asked me why it took so long to answer, I said I was in the bathroom. So we talk and then he said he had to go and run an errand. OK then, back to what we were doing. Well did what we wanted to do, we were relaxing, I know that I was just going into the deep part of a good nap, and from a distance I could hear something, yupe it was my hushand's phone out in the living room, he has his alarm set for 1pm each day, to help remind him to take his potassium and B-12. So that phone alarm, which is a song, set so loud, that the song doesn't sound good to me anymore, that I don't like it went off. Yes people, I was jerked awake, wondering, did I miss getting up for work, etc. So I didn't get a nap in yesterday, I will try, for one today. My body really needs one.

That is why we split a grilled chicken sandwich and a few fries yesterday afternoon. My husband and I were woken up by a phone alarm, after some afternoon delight. He went and filled my car up with gas and I suggested he go in first, order something to take home, fill up the car, thank you honey, then I don't have to stand out in the super frigidness and do it, one less time to do that. I also asked that he get a menu, just in case he might want to order from there for a pickup since the root beer stand is closed until next Spring. So that is why, I tried a small amount of something new to my body, and I dealt with it.

Right now I put one load of colored clothes in the wash, it also looks like I could do another load. Now how with only the two of us here can there get to be so many clothes to wash. The other days my husband's white work uniforms looked liked a snow capped mountain. I know that he has had two work a couple of more shifts. Though he did remind me that I haven't done any laundry for over two weeks. He washes the sheets and towels all the time, and those baskets were pretty empty. So I think the load is done and I will stop a moment and go put those in the dryer. I so like to get my chore done very early. It helps being a morning person. I also should bake some more chicken, but I will do that later today. I would have to stay up another hour and a half for the chicken. I will just do the clothes. I have to take them out of the dryer as soon as they are done and hang them all up, I don't want wrinkly work clothes. Gee, I must be sounding soooooo boring, what a life, I am thankful, it is a darn good one.

Going to put the clothes in the dryer now. I'm back, I set the dryer for 70 minutes, I know it doesn't take that long. What else, nothing much really. Going to check the Farms on FarmVille, my son's farm and mine. Oh I have to shower and wash my hair today. I have a hair appointment at noon on Thursday for some color. I won't be working on Thursday, I took a vacation day. Go me!!