Yupe....Cruising on Toward the Weekend.... (2008-10-10 - 5:44 a.m.)

I thought that I would try it this way today. I will write first, then read some other entries. I ran out of time yesterday morning to write, so I missed a day. Though yesterday was a pretty uneventful day for me, which is so nice. My son did call, saying that he does want to return to school again. He owes them money and before they let him back in the program, he has to pay them. I told him that I can not help him, if he wants to go to school bad enough, he will find a way. His credit is so bad, and I will not co-sign a loan for him at all. I am so done with that. So what does my son do, apparently he called his grandparents last night. Yes people, then I get this e-mail from my dad. The words are bigger and in bold. How about that. I read the e-mail this morning, thank heavens. My dad wrote it at 9:24pm, I thought that they are in bed by then. My dad asked me if I had talked with my son, and if we knew that he wanted to go back to school again. So how do I handle this. I can tell them yes, I had talked to him, and yes he wants to go to school. I could leave it at that, or I could add that, in order to go back to school for this program, he has to pay the $485.00 he owes them. My son said it is for two courses. Hmmmmmmm, I really don't know how to respond right now. I usually go with as much info as I can give them. Sometimes I swear I think that I am going to burn in hell for being a "bad" daughter. I am 52, soon to be 53 now, and I still want to be thought of as "good" by my parents, especially my dad. Though over the years I do think that I have burst that little bubble-way of thinking. Parents want their children to be happy, secure, and safe. They want them to be self-sufficient. So I believe that my mom and dad, after discussing the matter will probably help him out again. So I really don't think I need to say too much. I don't like to get involved with their decisions. So that is what I got in my e-mail this morning, yipee Friday. I don't think that I will write my dad back right away. I am sure that I will have to talk with my dad this weekend, that he will probably be the one to call me, he doesn't do this very often. He also recently wrote my son a "positive," he called it a positive letter, awhile back. So enough said about this.

Plans for the nice weekend coming up. If I feel good, I think that I may do a little yard work. I do some raking, then I rest a bit. One year I overdid the raking, I raked everyday after work and on weekend days when it was nice, the end result, the yard looked great, but my back, elbow, and shoulder ended up needing physical therapy. That was in my younger years, the early 40's I think. See I don't even remember, so anyhoo, now I don't go full throttle out in the raking department. I just do a little at a time.

This week it cost me $40.00 to have a mouse nest and who knows what else the mouse had in there, in my filter. I went out one morning, started my car, and turned on the fan and it sounded like it was going to take off. This is the first time this has ever happened to my car. My husband's truck engine gets this all the time. So I had to drive to work without the fan on and it was cold. So I called my mechanic, he came and got the car, and like magic, and $40.00 later it was fine. My husband called me, and I told him that this really can't go on, and that we need to get baited mouse traps all around in the garage. I said go spend $40.00 on traps. I can't keep having to pay to have my car engine parts cleaned out of acorns, and who knows what else. So for part of one day at work, I was carless. I don't like that feeling either, but sometimes it has to be.

What else, oh, I ordered a complete set of straight Harmony 14" knitting needles and a case for them from KnitPicks. I am soooooooooo excited. I also ordered a book on Tam patterns. Hat patterns that I think that I could make. I am almost done with a skull cap now that I started last year. Maybe I should work on that a bit this weekend. I am almost done reading at work, "Wicked Lovely" by Melissa Marr, so then I will start her second of this story, "Ink Exchange." It is about fairies. It is fantasy, but an up-to-date one, and it is very good. One of my co-workers saw these two books and thought that I would find them good, so he bought them and gave them to me. He and I do this. I have given him books I have picked up when I see them. I also have given him patchouli based products.

Well that is about it I guess for now, I am hoping that today will be just another uneventful day in my life. Just crusising through a Friday, doing my job and then driving home for the weekend. All is good.