Wow--I Wrote A Lot This Morning.... (2008-03-14 - 6:00 a.m.)

Sometimes you just don't want to write down anything, and that has been how I have been feeling lately. Here is a short update. My son is going to sue her in small claims court, for his laptop and all the programs in it and his bedding, he will also tag on the $300.00 from the rent she owes him. Apparently her dad did take out the lojack because when the company tried to locate the computer it didn't register. I call this stealing, but we were advised to go this route. Do you get a record for a judgement in small claims court? I don't really know. I just think it is dispicable(I know I spelled this wrong), the way this woman and her dad conned my son. Though my son seems alot more calm than I thought he would be. He went to the Dean of the program he is in, and explained to her his situation. He can use their computers to work on his classwork. The woman who is letting him live in her apartment agreed to allow him another month there for half the rent, of $225.00. Only problem yet, my son has no job. She said that he has to pay $65.00 more dollars for this month than to stay. So the dumb bunny I am, I wrote, though to her name the check. I can't keep giving my son money. I suggested my son talk with his grandmother about rent. I know that she wants more than anything to have her grandson educated so that he doesn't just have a job, but a career. So basically, my son has no bedding, and I remember buying him a whole new set at around Christmas time for approximately $80.00 or so, plus she didn't even give him his three pillows. The more I write about this, the more frustrating life seems when there are so many fucked up people out there, who want to fuck up a nice person's life. It also bugs the hell out of me, that he spent his last $50.00 on food and there it will stay at her place. Life sucks big time for those you love so much. I am done with this now.

Let's move on to my husband's father-in-law, as far as I know he is getting better every day. The therapist has been coming to their apartment, instead of making him go up to the clinic. I think that is great, keep away from the germs. The visiting nurse is there each day also. Then another person comes and helps him to shower. He just loves fried chicken, and I hope that he isn't eating alot of it again. Then I think, my god, this old fart is going to be 81 years old, and if he wants to eat some fried chicken let him.

On now to last night when I put Sadie outside to do her before bedtime chores. I had just put her out, and I always watch her, for her safety, and I noticed that with the snow melting so much yesterday, that yeah she was sniffing around alot, I mean alot. Then I watched her back hair ridge start to go up. I thought oh my god, something wild is out there due to the thaw, it got to 44 degrees here yesterday. I am zooming to get my shoes on and grab my coat. Race to the door and go out. I grab the shovel. Then by god, around the fucking corner, which is a dark area there, comes a big, big, big dog like animal. My Sadie almost lost it. I couldn't get to her, and she is on a cable. She started growling and she was standing up to this animal. She was carrying on so and barking. I started screaming because I really wanted to startle the dog. It all happened so fast. I swung the shovel down on the snow and we were growling, barking, and screaming the two of us. Then we ran in. Low and behold, this big, big, big dog with no collar on, a wild dog, came back and began urinating all over and he even had the fucking nerve to poop. He even came up on the deck, looked in the window where Sadie and I were watching him from. It seemed so Dean Kootnz like. That is so scary. It could have been a worse outcome. I couldn't believe how bold Sadie was. When it was all done, I noticed my neighbor across the road had his curtain up and was watching. Apparently he heard the loudness of me screaming and Sadie barking. Wow, all I can say is, thank heavens, since we live were wild animals prowl, and we always, always watch our pets outside, she is safe. I watched Katie when she went out and she was a lab mix. I am their protector. Though I actually think Sadie was protecting her people and her buddy Idamay. Idamay disappeared into the far reaches of the house. She came back while we were looking out the window. She came up on the couch and immediately she became huge. She fluffed up her tail and hair. So I really don't think this dog was a pet, I think it was a lone hunting wild dog. It was massive. I feel sorry for him though. It has to be a hard life. He was sniffing around and we were watching him for over 10 minutes, so we saw him. He wasn't too thin. Then he went down the snowblown path around the corner of the house, and I don't know where. Sadie didn't want to go out again. She was nervous this morning when I put her out. I put my shoes and jacket on and went out on the deck. That seemed to help her feel better, her doggy mama was out there with her. So I will have to pass on this bit of news to my husband when he calls me this morning when he gets home from work. Yes people I was home alone, and later on I thought what if this big, big, dog had attacked Sadie and me. Last night I was just lucky.

Yupe I sure am glad today if Friday, just for the sake, that it is the end of a long week, which really for us started in the wee hours 1:15 am to be exact last Saturday morning. This Saturday morning I get my hair colored. It really needs to be done, and I do hope nothing interfers with me getting there, but if it does, what can you do but cancel the appointment. I still haven't done any more knitting on the scarf I am really trying to finish. I need to finish that, but I have too much going on right now. I know that we should go visit my husband's stepfather and his mother again. I just want to take a nap, take a jacuzzi bath, and read. Watch some BB9 After Dark from Showtime. By the way, James is the new head of housefold. The last three on the disco balls were: Chelesa, Natalie, and James. Chelesa went off first of the last three. Then Natalie was saying she feels like she is going to throw up, and yes she did, big time, I am surprised the nurse or medic people didn't come rushing in. Maybe they did, and didn't show that. So James made a deal with Natalie. Natalie only agreed to drop if Matty and her were safe. James agreed. Then Natalie started to throw up and went down.

Other than that, looks like another melting day here, it is about time. Enough for now, I have to go and get ready for work in 11 minutes, it is now 6:35 am