Just An Update of Life.... (2007-04-28 - 4:00 p.m.)

Well you know this week since last Sunday night I have been dealing with some health issues. On Sunday night around 9:30 pm I felt odd and I knew my blood pressure was high. I got up because I was just watching TV in bed. I took my blood pressure with my blood pressure wrist cuff. It was 200/118. I thought holy shit. I took some of my blood pressure meds. I was also experciening some throat and swallowing restrictions, plus my head felt there was a vice tightening it. So I couldn't bring it down myself, I called 911. I had the EMT's out here for awhile. With meds they got it down to 186/110. Then more meds, and when they finally thought it was safe to leave it was 140/86. I was also having some mild chest pains. Go figure. Anyway, over the past few months, my blood pressure has been great and usually on the lower end. I always worry about the diastolic number going up(that is the bottom number). If the diastolic number goes sky high that could mean a stroke or heart attack. I was also having whole body shivers which after a long time of those I think that your heart starts working harder therefore your blood pressure goes up. Well I got another round of full body shivers for about 3 hours on early Monday morning from 3-6 am. Now of course, I still went to work. I am so dedicated. I called my doctor. She got me in for a 3:00 pm appointment. My husband met me there. They set up some tests and rather than coming back I started taking some tests. My doctor knows me and doesn't let me get away, she starts checking. I didn't get home until almost 7 pm. Then later on this week, Thursday morning, I had two ultra sound tests in my torso area which included a pelvic ultra sound. Oh, and on Monday I was given a heart monitor to wear for a month and if I have chest pains or get the body shivers I record it, the monitor holds 3 readings and then you call it in. I have already called in a reading Friday because while I was having the ultra sound exams I began a whole body shiver, I most definitely was in the right place to have one, because the radiologist saw it, plus she pushed a button and then there were doctors in the room with me also and said this is unusual, you should record this, which I did. So after my ultra sound exam, of course I went to work and finished out the work day. That was Thursday, remember I said that my son called asking to come home. He would come on Friday evening after my work was done. Well, I waited until five minute to nine pm for him to arrive on Friday night, and being so very tired, I had to go to bed. Well he didn't show up. It is now 4:14 pm Saturday and he still hasn't called with an explaination or apology, or just with news as to what is going on. So I don't really expect him tonight because I went to and read some of his latest enteries there. He wrote about a party tonight somewhere in Madison. Enough said about my son.

So today I have been collecting my urine for a 24 hour collection. They are screening for tests: Metanephrines & Catechol. They are really looking for epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. In language I can understand that means they are looking for a Pheochromocytome(a tumor of the central adrenal). I have at least 5 of the symptoms. I would be so happy if they solve the problem in my body. Ten percent of the adrenal tumors are non-maligant. Anyhoo, this has been interesting. The bad part of this is that during the collection no diet pepsi, aren't allowed caffine, or bananas, or anything with vanilla in it. Now I eat 4 bananas a day. I eat about 10 vanilla wafers, and I drink a fair amount of diet pepsi because I like the taste of diet pepsi. I know Ican make it through this. I started the collection at 4:20 am this morning because I was able to sleep from 1-4:15 am without getting up to pee. So if I am up and done around 4:20 am Sunday morning you know darn well I will be sitting here drinking a well needed diet pepsi. The urine collection has to be iced so it is in my shower, in a bucket, with ice surrounding it. Tomorrow Urgent Care is open from 8-12 pm on Sundays, so you know darn well I plan to get rid of the damn thing. While driving there drinking another diet pepsi.

Other than that life just keeps moving on here. I am glad that this is my husbands weekend off. Last weekend he was working while I dealt with my high blood pressure incident. My mom is having problems with her ankle and tendon. She can only be up on it for about an hour and then has to rest it. She won't do surgery, she is getting to old she says, she is going with the modified shoe and brace. It is too bad, that long ago they didn't push caltrate for women. My mom hates milk. I have never seen her drink any milk. It sucks to see your mom getting brittle and old. My mom has got so much energy, goes to the YMCA and now to hear her say she has to set her foot up and rest after an hour after being on it. So of course I didn't tell my mother about this week of health issues with me. I don't want to worry her. Plus I didn't tell my mom and dad anything about my son. I don't know anything about my son either.

It is sunny here and breezy, just the way I like it. My husband moved one of the ground bird feeders. Why, because my dog Sadie, was chewing the hulls of the black sunflower seeds. Not good for her tummy. Plus alot of times the birds would hit the big front window. Now my husband is trying to change a light bulb in the little buzzy car he calls it. So far he can't get it out. I said have someone with the right tool do it so that you don't crack or break off a piece of the light. You know how it is with men and cars sometimes. We will see what happens here.