Shoveling Days Are Here Again... (2012-01-13 - 6:21 a.m.)

I don't feel too stiff and achy muscles this morning at all. I spent approx. 6 hours outside shoveling and moving snow yesterday. Mind you I don't go out for more than an hour or so. So I went out 4 times. Each time I came in, I put my snow jacket and gloves in the dryer. I put the heating pad on my back and shoulder. I drank either water or Gatroade plus I made sure to eat a little something something. I made a sandwich, you eat only half because for a diabetic, half is a way generous serving. Half a banana is a serving size for a diabetic. So a banana for me lasts a whole day. Portion, portion, portion. So I started shoveling about 6 am I think, because it was dark out when I went out. I put the shed light on and front porch light. When I went in to eat, drink, and be merry, haha, it was starting to get light, so around here that is about 7:20am. Then my husband came home from work around, I guess, 9 am, so I thought I better get back out there for another round of shoveling. I am so glad I pace myself like that. The I came in, ate and drank again. I then went and laid down and took a little over an hour nap. I decided again to go outside. I started on the driveway, but then the snowplow guy came. I ran and got two Gatorades for him. He knows us because when he was in high school, he was two years older than my son, and he knew my son because of baseball and football. He stops, redirectionalizes his plow, and opens up the end of our driveway and pushes it way North of the driveway. He usually takes two sweeps to do this. So that takes up his plowing time, plus, who knows, maybe he isn't supposed to do this. It is very nice that he does, because it lessens the height of the ridge you get at the end of the driveway to have to shovel. I'm back, had to go to the bathroom, you know the drill, it takes me awhile. So where was I, oh yes, the snowplow guy. So knowing that the ridge of snow at the end of the driveway, for some unknown reason, hardens up really fast. So I started pushing the snow there. I push the snow as much as I can, then when I need to lift the shovel with snow, I am very careful how I do that. I have alot to shovel so I want to finish. Bend with the knees, etc. I can still here my mom and dad telling me this. So I got the driveway done, during this time, my husband came out to help a bit. He was actually using my push the snow method and then lift. The only area I didn't get shoveled was the driveway area that the septic tank pumper guy uses. Our red light went on, and you have approx. 7 days before you need to get it sucked out. So it is going to be very cold around here until Sunday, so I am thinking that will be my Sunday activity. Then I heard the weather people mention that another possible snow storm could happen late Monday night into Tuesday. Oh well, Winter is trully here now. I figure we got at least another inch to two inches of snow. So later today I plan on going out and reshoveling what I did. It won't take as long because the first real snow pushing/shoveling you do is the hardest. You have to get a good base down, so when you can use your snowblower it won't have a problem. Our driveway is gravel and so is the driveway for the septic tank pumper guy. My husband said no to using the snowblower yesterday. Also with the first snow pushing/shoveling I push that snow as far off as I can, why because eventually I will be clearing off the garage, shed, and roof. Then I have to clear that snow away. With the house roof, some has to go where I don't want it, I try to shovel the roof off to the sides of the house, some goes on the two decks and some goes in the dogs area, so that all has to be shoveled. So the first snow pushing/shoveling does take longer. I wore three pairs of knit pants, long wool socks, a wik off knit shirt and my Winter hoodie and gloves. My thighs still were getting cold the 3rd and 4th time I was out, but I was sweating under my hoodie. I had to stop often to blow my nose. When I was shoveling I found a blue tarp string. I thought wow, I just can't get away from them. I have picked up so many blue tarp strings when doing all my outside chores/activities since I became unemployed. So it really didn't surprise me other than, I know I didn't get them all, but come on, I shoveled one up from the frozen ground. Just think if I had only kept all the blue tarp strings, how big would the pile of them be by now. I know, you can't keep(hoard) everything. I have seen these blue tarp strings high up in the trees when I look through my binoculars. So the birds and squirrels find them. Oh back to shoveling, when I went in it was dark outside again, just like when I started my day. I knew that it was almost 5 pm. It just seems so much lighter outside with the whiteness of the snow, I like that.

I hope that I didn't bore you all with my saga of my snow pushing/shoveling day. The dogs didn't spend alot of time outside yesterday. Sadie takes the snow and cold in stride, but Malcolm seemed a little put off by it. It took him longer to find his poop spot. He really wanted to get to the woods to poop, but for him the snow was too deep. They can't stay out too long, because it is too cold for them. Maybe today will be better for him and quicker since he now knows it is out there, the snow I mean.

I called my folks, bitter cold up there. I called my husband's mom, she watched the snow blow off her apartment roof, and she watched them plow out the complex. She also can see the highway sort of, and she said that it seemed that traffic was moving along alright. I called my son, but as usual had to leave a message. Green Bay it sounds like had gotten more snow than we did. I am hoping that my son goes to Lambeau Field and cleans snow of the seats for $10.00 an hour, that was the price per hour last year, maybe it went up the pay. That would help him get some cash. His girlfriend can't do it because she is still recovering from her gall bladder surgery. She did it a couple of times last year with my son. Any money coming in helps.

That is about all I got for know. It is 7:06 am, and it is starting to get light out around here. Not as bright as usual, so I am thinking we have cloud cover going on. Hoping for some sunshine today for little Sadie to get to lay in.