Terrific Tuesday....I am Hoping (2011-05-03 - 5:30 a.m.)

It is going to be better today. The past couple of days haven't been the greatest for this little old body, my mind and soul just being along for the ride. Anyway, got up early today and I have laundry in the washing machine that is almost done. Why so early? I want it done before my husband comes home from work to sleep. If I don't do in now, I won't do it that day. I am so a morning person, that by the afternoon I am pretty much done doing anything chore related.

Sunday was alright overall, then my mom and dad called, well my mom talked with my husband. His birthday and his anniversary are coming up. My mom told him that they are coming over for a visit. Hello, I am here also. Now I don't know if they are just jerking my chain or what. She told my husband that I better start picking up and cleaning. So on Monday I wrote them an e-mail asking if they really are coming here for a visit and told them the three dates that I have something going on. Hair coloring, dentist, and we would both go to this neighbors high school graduation party. Now I have had my dental appointment scheduled for the last 6 months, since I was there 6 months ago. I also have had my scheduled hair coloring appointment now for I think 5 weeks. It is a 2 & 1/2 appointment, long hair takes alot of color and time to do. So if they plan to come here or meet, whatever on that Saturday, I have to know way ahead so that I can call my hair colorist, cancel it and reschedule the hair appointment. I would want her to fill that 2 & 1/2 hour block of time, so that she can make some money. Sometimes I feel that my parents don't take into account, my husband and I. He works, and is tired most of the time. Them coming over here is alot of work for us, what can I say. I feel guilty. You would think that you would be coming to visit, not make critical comments about the house and my cleaning, etc. My cleaning skills are not ever as good as my mother's. I will just say that. So now I wait for their answer.

On Wednesday, I have to take my car into the car mechanic. It is still doing that same thing it was doing months ago. So my husband is going to get it looked into again. So I will be without a car, probably for a few days. We will both drive a vehicle on Wednesday afternoon, I will drop mine off, and we will do some errands and go home in his car. My husband said that he wants to get this figured out, so that he doesn't have to worry about me and the car. You know worry more so than normal he said. Just because I ask him to leave the phone on line in case while I drive somewhere, if I breakdown on the side of the road, he can come and pick me up! Finally it will be checked out again. Oh, and the front break something or other needs to be replaced. So that will be done also. My car, she is a 1991, and she is doing really well. That is why I can't understand that my husband's sister and her husband just had to trade their 2008 van for a 2010 van, same brand, just two newer years. Sometimes you just don't understand I guess. If you take great car of what you have, and do the maintannce things on it, it will last for you. Enough said.

I didn't take the turkey out to thaw yet, because my husband won't commit to saying that, yes he would like that to eat. I think that he is thinking, how long will I be having to eat that bird. I told him, at least it isn't chicken. Eating chicken is a big joke now in our house. Hey, after only eating chicken for 5 years, I still like it. OK, sometimes not so much, just that I am thankful that my digestive system can tolerate chicken boobs. I really had some problems with the tuna fish sandwich I ate. Won't have one of those again for awhile. That is probably what made my last two days, not the greatest. I sometimes get cranky with my body, then I think at least I don't have to use a feeding tube and just have to pour the protein mixture into me. That experience, for a very short term was way more than enough.

I am hoping that today will be nice enough for a walk. Yesterday was wear your winter coat and gloves out. The oak leaves were just whipping all around. You could hear the wind turning the corners. It was nice to be warm and toasty in the house.

What else....nothing I guess. I have to go and put the towels and such in the dryer. I also did up some cards for the two mothers, and a friends birthday this week, plus my son's weekly note that goes along with his weekly check I send him. I just don't know my husband's mom new address, and I can't find it anywhere, so I will have to ask him when he gets home from work this morning. Who knows, maybe he doesn't have it written down anywhere.

I do have something, yesterday, I cleaned off 1/2 of the kitchen counter, that's progess.