Plans or What.... (2011-01-20 - 5:45 p.m.)

Can you spell "cold?" I can....S U C K. This really sucks here. I didn't even go outside today. When I put the little doggies out, I only open the door just enough to let them in and out. Then I go to the window and watch, first looking at the clock. I only allow two minutes. Sadie can do it when it is this cold out, but Malcolm has a bit of a problem. He wants to poop, especially in the daylight where he usually does when there isn't any snow out. That takes time to get there. You watch him and he stays on top of the snow by pushing out his little pads, he looks like a duck almost with that waddle going on. I have had to put on my Merrel winter slipons and run out to scoop him up because he starts to tip over because his little paw paws are getting too cold. So I am so glad that I am not working right now so that I can make sure that they stay safe in this cold. Now I do trust my husband to care about them, but I am the dog person. I am hoping that it warms up a few degrees soon. Tomorrow I am hoping to go with my husband to run errands and get some grocercies. It has been awhile, like I can even remember when I left the house, so I think that I should get out. So I am hoping that my body will be doing pretty good tomorrow morning. We have to stop at the vet and get IdaMay's special protein food. It has 51% protein. It is $28.00 dollars a bag. Trust me, I have done my research looking for catfood that has as a high protein level in it and cheaper. So far, no luck. I will keep looking. We also have to go to FleetFarm to get salt for the water softener. Then to Target, for misc. like an anniversary card for my folks, and a birthday card for my mom. I ordered a sea salt variety thingy for them for their anniversary next week. I thought that was an awesome idea. They are so hard to come up with a gift idea for. I mailed out something to someone I had made for her. Maybe she will get them on Saturday. She blogs, and is also a friend on my Facebook, and she put a paragraph on Facebook about making something that you do for five people. She was the only one that signed up for me. She got alot of signups. I felt very lucky to be one of the first five. It is about passing something special you do or make forward in 2011. I thought that it is an cool idea. So anyhoo, I hope that she likes them. I got excited about doing something nice for someone else. OK back to tomorrow's errands. See I have a plan, I like to organize my route, my husband just kind of shakes his head. I also power shop, because I hate to shop at the grocery store. I have already split the list in two. We each take a cart, our half of the list, and go shop. I usually have to wait for him near the checkouts. Then we go through the line together. This saves time and we can get home sooner. I refilled some of my meds on line this morning, so I can also pick them up tomorrow morning. My husband wants a butterburger deluxe. I can't remember the last time I ate red meat. It has to be over five years ago now. Ever since I had that bacteria in my digestive system. Red meat is the hardest meat to digest. If you don't have enough enzymes to digest the red meat correctly it really hurts your gut. I am only able to digest chicken boobs really well right now. I should really write up a cookbook on all the ways you can not bake/cook chicken boobs. It would have to be a book of humor because without it you wouldn't get through all these years just eating chicken boobs. I need a certain amount of protein grams per day. I just make it most days. When I am close and I just don't want to eat or can't, thank god for Skippy peanut butter. I measure the amount of PB on my scale, minus the spoon. I know how much all my utensils weigh and bowls, etc. You can make a PB vanilla soy shake and increase your protein grams by that. That works well, when you just can't eat any more chicken boob. Ha, ha, I make myself laugh. I am too funny sometimes. I suppose that is what they may serve up in heaven. I saw a new commerical on TV for PB snickers, I thought oh wow, why didn't they come out with that over 5 years ago. OK back to errand day, I also want to stop on TJ's and get some super refried bean burriotoes, no onions. I can eat 1/2 of one of those every other day. It has alot of protein in the beans. I fight the bloat and gas, but it is worth it for a different texture and taste. I also want to stop and use some more of my birthday gift certificate at the yarn shop. Then I would like to stop at BookWorld to look at jewlery magazines. I know it is alot of stops, but I am hoping to make most of them tomorrow. I don't want to be gone more than 4-5 hours at the longest. It probably won't be even 4 hours. We just don't like to shop. Nothing much else is going on. In the job search there is really nothing out there. I don't know what people do for their required two contacts per week. My husband is getting excited for the Packer game on Sunday. I still don't know what time they will be on. When at Target my husband should get a Packer shirt. My husband doesn't think that we can get all those stops done and back home in less than four hours unless we take both cars, now there is a thought. I will have to think about this a bit. Then if we have car problems, the other can stop to help. I am sure he would like to take two cars because I hurry him and he doesn't like that. He always says, what's the rush, hey we don't like to shop, that's the hurry. Enough I say, I am just babbling on here. I seem sort of excited about getting out tomorrow even in the frigid temps, am I nuts or what? P.S. Thanks lifemyway for using my words in your special area at the bottom of your page. I was pleasantly surprised to see my words there. They do help and make everything better. Life should be better for everyone.