Well People Here Is Another Son Update.... (2008-10-07 - 5:52 a.m.)

Remember me writing about a few days ago that my son let this woman and their daughter move back in with them because she would be homeless. She could have gone to a woman's shelter. Well I got a call at work yesterday, and he said that her parents were on their way up from Kenosha to get her and their granddaughter, and to also pick up her material goods. Maybe they bribed their daughter and got her to leave him. Well my son, was out with a guy friend, he starts a new job this morning at 8 am. Anyway, he goes back to his apartment, and walks in, and there is no furniture, which was a sofa and two chairs, an actually a nice baker's rack, and his microwave were gone. His clothes were all on the floor, they took his hangers. He paid for the microwave and furniture. He and this guy friend, then went back outside to talk(he was mad) and smoke a cig, and then looking towards the dumpster he saw his furniture. Yupe people her parents and her throw his furniture in the dumpster. Before throwing it in the dumpster they took Soft Scrub with bleach and streamed it all over the furniture making it garbage. Wouldn't you say that finally this is the end. I sure hope so. I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around how cruel people can be. What an example my granddaughter is going to have. I am sure that my son will never get to see his daughter, and he was so doing the dad thing, he had taken her to the zoo on Saturday. Apparently, this woman must have been planning this. I told my son to make sure his toaster is dry before he plugs it in. Check all food and everything, who knows what those sick people did. I just shake my head. Thank heavens my son wasn't there when they came to move her material items out. So my son now has no furniture, no bed, he didn't have one before. He has to buy this with his own money he earns now because the bed, futon, tables, living room furniture and applicances like a nice color TV we had given him, have either been sold for cash or just left when he had to move, or did move. I believe that for these people the karma will come around and bite them. My son let her back in, and gave her a key again. Of course she didn't leave that key. So I told my son to contact his landlord and to please get his locks changed for his safety. He just doesn't need that family returning. I feel so bad for that little girl, wow, grandparents have rights, and I know someone who her and her husband spent years fighting to see their grandson in court and finally last year it was granted, on a regular basis. My husband and I have alot of thinking and talking to do together. I am trying to wrap my mind around the cruelty they inflected on my son. When I talked with him, he still hadn't called the police. Maybe he needs a restraining order against the three of them. Her dad had to have come with to help move the material stuff out because I don't think her and her mom could have lifted that couch into the dumpster. You know for a fact, that anyone looking out their apartment windows at the time because of the noise, didn't see anything. No one wants to get involved. With all this said here, I hope that my son realizes that he is a good person, that he isn't a disappointment ever to me, and that life does suck sometimes, but that we have to pick ourselves up, and move along. Doing the normal day in and day out stuff helps to keep us sane. I thought about my son, off and on all night, and here I am writing about it because I need to step back and think more about this. Thank heavens he has to start a new job today, routine, routine, routine, keeps a body going.

I think that is enough of that. My husband has an 8 am nurse's meeting today, which he isn't too happy about. My mom called last night, and low and behold she didn't ask about their grandson, thank heavens. They had a good trip. They go out east on another 12 day trip on October 17th, so that means when my husband and I are on vacation we won't be going up to northern Minnesota. My mom said that we would get to together and meet after they come back. She didn't want to do it before their trip because they have outdoor work to do and winterizing, because they will probably have snow on the ground when they return. I suppose they could. I am doing alright for now. I got a Knitpick catalog, and I am thinking about ordering some Harmony knitting needles. Their new ones, like I need any more knitting needles. With all this said and written down, that is enough for today.