Just the Kind of Laid Back Day You Want to Have... (2007-02-18 - 6:02 a.m.)

I am so glad that yesterday was a laid back day. I had my hair appointment in the morning. I had to fill up my gas tank in our small town before I went. So I thought adding an extra 15 minutes would do the trick. I get to CENEX and do the gas fill up thing. As I am filling up, I am watching all these trucks and cars pull in. I think, yeah, I bet I will have to wait in line. Now here in Wisconsin, it seems way normal for two young women to be buying two suitcases of beer at 9:15 am and three packs of smokes each. I had to wait in line behind them to pay for my gas. These young ladies, of course knew the gal who was working there. The gals said hurry up after your shift, to our apartment or you will not get any beer. Now I am thinking nothing of this other than, I bet they are going to start when they get back home. So you know I only planned an extra 15 minutes to get gas and pay. I get back to my car after paying for my gas fill-up and start the engine, looking at the clock. Alright then, new note to myself, add an extra ten minutes for gas fill-up time. So I get going. I am driving along, going well, and up ahead I see a truck pulling onto the county road. I think, gee whiz, couldn't you wait until I go by. Of course not, here in Wisconsin, the milk trucks and their drivers, think they are the "milk gods or milk goddesses." Now remember I drink soy silk milk. Anyway, I continue to think that glad this is a laid back day, and just smile. I am going oh, about 50 miles per hour now, with about four other cars/trucks behind me. We are at a place on the county road that has about three curves in it, so passing isn't a good plan or thought. So I continue to listen to the oldies radio station and music, thinking, what a lovely laid back day this is. Yeah, right, I keep looking around the milk truck to see when and if I can pass. So does the guy behind me, I knew it was a guy, because he was so damn close to my car's little bumper. You know the kind of truck he was driving. The macho kind, because when he punched down on the gas and passed me, I saw that below his truck hitch was the bag of balls, not just any truck balls, but these were blue balls. My god that was way to funny. You had to be there. Of course I am busy looking at this little hanging blue ornament, not really focused on driving. Thinking how could this guy put such a statement out there. Then I start laughing and snorting thinking, it is a guy thing to do. Remember this is a laid back day, and I am just loving it. Boy I am just a rambling on here, and I haven't even gotten to my hair appointment yet. I was on time, just barely. My hair colorist/hairdresser was just busy doing what they do. I sat down in the chair, and asked her how the heck has she been. Well, she told me, for about 15 minutes, how sick she has been. I asked her if she is feeling better, because I was secretly hoping that she wasn't contagious or anything, or wouldn't have some huge coughing jag while doing my hair. No she said that she was way so much better. She is alot of fun, but I have never heard her after 7 or so years, lay it right out there, how she was feeling, so I think she was reaaly not feeling well. So that news, delayed the start of my hair beautification for 15 minutes or maybe more. Remember, I am so enjoying my laid back kind of day. I am thinking to myself, that I am having a good day so far. Yupe my hair turned out great as always, didn't cost too much($60.00 plus a $5.00 tip for her.) I always bring her lotion, a candle, or just a little something for her also. She loves patchouli alot, so one patchouli lover to another, I always bring her something. At least one thing I bring her has to be patchouli. So I am all done with my hair appointment, and I think well, let's go to WAL-MART. I should have my head examined. Remember I am having a laid back day, in absolutely no rush to be or get anywhere really. I must have that written today on my forehead. It seemed that everyone else had the same thought to, hey let's stop at WAL-MART for a few things. My quick stop for a few items, lasted almost a full hour. How time flies, when you are having a laid back day remember. So I am still smiling and grinning thinking, these people are so fucking funny, just listen to their conversations would yah. So I get done and drive away from WAL-MART. I think, ok, my husband wanted something from TACO JOHN's, he hasn't had TACO JOHN's for months, so I told him I would stop. He wanted something with steak in it and a large potatoe ole's(very, very light on their salt). So I stop in there, and boy, oh boy, are they busy. Remember again I am having a laid back, no rush day here. Well there were about three families in front of me. That had to have taken 15 minutes there. Well I order and wait for my order to go. I get it and go out to my car. Finally, I can go after waiting for a family next to me load up into their truck, you know the family: two parents, and three kids. It was a cab and a half. It seemed to take them forever. Oh well, remember I am having a laid back kind of day, no need to hurry at all. Well, I finally get to back out and leave. Get on the road home, am driving in a string of cars/trucks of I would say about seven. I thought, this will take forever. So I put on the music. I am driving along, and up ahead, some truck pulls out onto the county road, I think, gee that truck looks familiar. Well god damn, it is, it is the same truck, remember from this morning readers, the one with the bag of balls hanging from the hitch, the bag of balls that are blue. I am laughing here alot. I am thinking who would have thought I would see this truck twice in the same day. Well he had a load in the back of his truck now. He had wood in the back, heavy oak wood, so heavy that the sack of blue balls were just skimming the road's surface. I was mesmerized, watching these balls bouncing and swaying just over the surface of the road. Every once in awhile the road would spank them. I laughed alot on my drive home. So I really did have a laid back day.