One Snowstorm Coming Up........ (2019-11-26 - 5:48 a.m.)

Time to do some writing. I always tell myself that I should write here every other day. Then I think about my days and wonder what could I possibly write about?

My days are mixed up lately. Why? I usually write out a notecard and get it out in the mail on Mondays. Since there is no mail delivery on Thursday, due to Thanksgiving, I wrote and mailed it out on Friday last week. So I don't really think about what day of the week it is, though on Friday it felt like Monday. Also when Randy does his five nights in a row run for work. His Monday starts on Thursday night. So are you with me here? So the real Friday is his Tuesday. I thought Friday was Monday. His hump day for the five day work run is Saturday night. So over years of dealing with his schedule, I gave up pretty much knowing what the day is, let alone the date. I forgot to turn the calendar to the next month awhile back. Randy noticed, and changed it, it is a wall calendar. Then he asked me what I thought the date was? Well, I was way off by 9 days. We don't have much to put on a wall calendar anymore. So I am not buying a wall calendar for 2020. If Randy feels the need for one in February, he can buy one. Apparently, I don't need to know the month, day, or date most of the time. I get reminders for my dental appointments and a letter a couple of days in the mail about my blood draw and/or whatever I have to do at the clinic. If the weather is bad that morning, I call and cancel to reschedule anyway, because I don't have to drive on bad roads or weather anymore, only if there is a family need. So yesterday I finally got a text from my hairdresser. I asked her to let me know when she had a cancellation for a hair wash and trim. She texted me, for next Wednesday. I asked her to text me on Tuesday to remind me, why? So I show up to the appointment, since I seldom take note or care what day of the week it is.

Now let's write about holidays, shall we. I have been here with Randy for 26 or 27 years now. I have been home since November 1st, 2010. I was semi-retired from 2010-2012 while looking for a job. Then after my unemployment ran out, I accepted the fact that I was officially retired. Randy felt that I should have stopped working after I got out of the hospital at the end of January 2006. You all know I have a few health challenges. Anyway, back to holidays. Since Randy work in the medical profession, there really is no holidays for them. He works when he is scheduled. So we don't do holidays. For example, he was hungry for his Thanksgiving Dinner sometime in October. So I made him his feast. This year I was able to not make as much. He bought the smallest turkey he could find. He wants a whole turkey, so I can make him turkey soup using the turkey bones. He doesn't like turkey dressing, so I don't have to make that. He doesn't like that awful long green bean casserole thingy. So I made him his Thanksgiving dinner. I do remember we were having a hot spell, so he at turkey and all the fixings for a week. I don't eat what he eats, remember. I made 5 lbs. of mashed potatoes, so I could make him fried potatoe thingys. I made him hot turkey and gravy on bread. He likes that a lot. I made him a huge fruit salad. So you all get the idea now. We don't follow the usual with holidays. We do them when we want. As for Christmas time, we give money and/or money and gift cards. Randy and I don't give each other gifts either. We have want we want, and don't need anything.

Well I guess that is all I got for now. Tonight if Mother Nature makes up her mind, it seems that we are going to get our first of the Winter major snow storm. I am ready, as ready as I can be. The bonus is Randy is off tonight, so in the morning he can help me with the outside snow removal tasks. Peace.