Putting on my Grannie Panties Again...... (2019-04-09 - 7:12 p.m.)

I finally did it, I showered and finally washed my hair. Now I look like a wild woman. I have let my hair dry naturally. I did clip it up for awhile so I could take another walk. I figure that the next three days I won't be doing a lot of walking. Why? We are going to have another rain, sleet, and heavy wet snow with 45 mph winds on Thursday. We still haven't cleaned up from the last similar snow storm conditions we had awhile ago. I would say approx. 85% cleaned up.

I want to tell you that we clean up the edges also. From the road to where the woods start back here. Well, you know that I mentioned before I think, the "new" neighbor separated his shoulder so he hasn't been able to do any of the cleanup from the past snow storm. Well, his wife texted me and thanked us, though she said to stop cleaning it up because it makes her feel bad. WTF is wrong with this woman. Plus she wants the smelly pine to burn. Pine to me really stinks when you burn it. This woman confuses me. I am doing the cleanup because I can. Her husband is unable to so I thought I would help him out. She texted that it will take them time to get it cleaned up. I have walked past their pile now many times when I go walking. It is hard to not clean it up because it would have been pretty much completed by now. I am not going to take this personal. I don't understand why someone wouldn't just say thank you and not worry that they didn't do the cleanup themselves. I hardly ever see her doing any outdoor work. I am also doing it for Mother Nature. The "new" neighbors have mentioned a couple of times to me that part of the reason they were so interested in buying the house was how cleaned up and cared for it is back here. Hello, who the fuck do you think as kept it that way, all these years? Me. So I will just have to let this go. They have along the edge of their property in back a large amount of pine limbs that also came down, that they need to clean up. Randy and I went around back there and got those all bucked up for pickup. Now we can't do that. I am so over them. Keep telling myself that, I am so over them. I can't put myself through feeling like a dog, and that they throw me a bone once in awhile. I am their last choice to visit with because I think, since I don't drink, that what will we do. I know they drink, especially her when she is done with work, especially on the weekends. I have witnessed her to the point that her husband has to hold her up. There workbench in their garage has lined up bottles of booze. I don't drink because I am a diabetic. That is just how that is. So I had to put him back in the category as our neighbor again. I was hoping to have another friend. I don't think that is going to happen. She was never in that friend category. I don't like the energy she has. It makes my tummy hurt, so I try to avoid face to face contact with her. So, I will get through this and accept that I can no longer put worth my energy into a friendship, they will be just neighbors. To bad for them, I am a good and loyal friend. Their loss, Randy said to me.

I miss my friend/neighbor from across the road. I like going over there and sitting together just talking about anything. We don't judge, we listen to one another. We visit for around 20 minutes a couple of times a week. He has been back in Janesville taking care of his wife since mid December. His wife is dying from cancer. Sad.

So it has been nice to weather less outwear outside. Though we will be back into doing the layers again for a few days. Not looking forward to the icy conditions and the dogs. Sadie has been falling down and over a lot lately. She just gets up and goes on. Bless her.