Better Last Night...... (2019-03-18 - 2:38 a.m.)

Sunday funday. The daytime was super fun together as always. Outside over 60% of the day. It is warming up nicely here. Granddaughter again ate very well for supper. Chicken, thick and creamy mac n' cheese, and a small smidge of cottage cheese. She likes to mix that with her chicken pieces. She learned that from me. Then we just hang out and play, she gets a little bit of TV time. Proceed to the bedtime routine. All is fine until she is sitting up in her top bunk. She says to me, I know I am a strong girl grandma Sue, but I miss my daddy. I know what is coming. Her big tears out of the corners of her huge blue eyes. My inner mantra is stay strong grandma. So we talk about it a bit. She asks for a couple of tissues. Then she also asked for that picture I have on the fridge of her and her daddy when she was pretty young. She only cried for a bit last night. It went much better. So it may be errand day run to Marshfield today, we will see. I gave her some money, and I do believe it is burning a whole in her pocket. Her daddy told her that she could call him once a day. She called them mid morning yesterday, so last night she knew she wasn't going to call him. Then yesterday he reminded her that Monday through Friday he works and she will have to wait to call them after 5:30 pm.

I know for a fact that part of the reason for the big cry Saturday night was that when added together the flooding, her friend's the Gates, and missing her daddy just hit her hard. Well, I fuckin' lied to her about that it was going to flood around here. So I took it out of the anxiety she was experiencing. Maybe it won't flood and Mother Nature will hold off around here about a fast temp increase. This morning when I put Sadie and Malcolm out to tinkle, all I could hear was the loud rushing sound of water going over the damn which is pretty close to us. So I know that they opened the gates more. That is good. So we come in, and I check the site I go to, and Babcock, downstream to us by oh, around 10 miles South of here, as risen a few more feet. So I feel bad about lying to her about this. My son told me that I shouldn't have said anything about flooding. So I also took away her fear of getting into our little boat. So overall, last night going to sleep went easier. Still so hard to listen to her. She knows how to breathe right because we meditate alot. I told her to do her breathing that it will calm her down. She also has looked at the calendar on the wall, and counts the days until her grandpa Randy drives her back to her daddy's apartment on Saturday morning, and that brings her comfort.

Oh, we saw chipmunks today. They came out of hibernation yesterday, and are running around food hunting. There is a family that lives under the steps that goes from the back slider up to the back patio. So that was fun to watch when downstairs playing Sweet Street People. We also have been talking about what birds we are going to see coming back up North. I heard some geese the other day before she got here. The robins are supposed to be back later this week. That means that the pussy willows will be puffing out and looking almost like they will open. Then the red wing blackbirds will arrive. There are a lot of things to watch and observe with the coming of warmer weather. On yesterday's longer walk off the Island, we saw some huge tracks. She decided that maybe it was a black bear. So we walked a little faster. You know that you just can not outrun a bear, who is able to move up to 30 mph.

So this is it from around here for now. Randy works tonight and then has Tuesday night off, and granddaughter said she is glad. She wants to spend some time with him. Yesterday they played a game of Go Fish with regular playing cards. She explained to him the rules. Randy won, and Laila says that they will have to play again because she really, really wants to win. At-a-girl. Randy is very competitive when it comes to playing games. I don't enjoy playing Monolopy with him anymore. One time as I recall, we kept up the Monolopy game up on the downstairs table for a couple of weeks. When he had time around sleep and work, we would go down there and play. Yes he usually won, and he always said don't let me win. I love to play Scrabble, not as much anymore, yes, you guessed why. Randy is very competitive and he has medical word knowledge. So now Laila likes to play games, and you know Randy won't let her win. She has to win on her own merits. That is what life is like, use your determination. Yup, Laila has some wonderful role models in her life.