Odd....... (2019-02-15 - 2:07 a.m.)

Lately my life has been odd. Maybe odd isn't a good word choice, though for me odd describes it. Odd. Odd. Odd. Why is it odd? For one, I am don't feel much like writing or doing any reading. For me that is odd.

If you remember anything I wrote back in January 2018, in the middle of the month. Remember it was about the people who I called, the "new neighbors." Well again out of the blue I get a text, are you guys ok? Do you guys need any help? WTF. Is this them trying to be interested/caring neighbors? I don't know. So I didn't answer this text for a darn while. Apparently this got her undies in a bundle because, she didn't come knocking on our door, she sent her husband. I haven't talked face-to-face with this woman since the middle of January 2018. I just get these random texts out of the blue. We got a foot or more of snow. Prior to this last snow, from the past weekend, we had gotten around, oh, I guess 6-8 inches of snow. I didn't have time in my day to go outside and measure it this time. I usually do. Why no time? I will tell you. Randy has been so sick for 7 days straight. He had the crud with a temperature. I clean him, cleaned up after him, did a lot of sheets from him breaking his temp. and being other forms of sick. So enter these annoying texts, that I just couldn't answer. Then I am caring for a sick man, there is a knock on the door. I covered up the doorbell with duct tape. Don't want to here the doorbell. I still have my keep away germ mask on, and gloves. I go downstairs, open the airlock door, must of scared my neighbor, I probably looked pretty bad myself, peeled off one glove, opened the door. I said come in because I can't come out there. He looks at me for a few seconds, and I think he doesn't know what to say. I said come into the main part of the house if you dare. Do you want a mask. Again, I could feel his uncertainty. I said I am not contagious. He came down to check on us because our driveway wasn't plowed out that they could tell from two houses over. The truck wasn't cleaned off, the mailbox wasn't cleaned off or cleared around either. These "new neighbors" were concerned. I said Randy is super sick and that I can only keep up taking care of him and had only been clearing a small area so Sadie and Malcolm could go outside. I had my son's and granddaughters baby monitor sitting on the counter, plus a walkie talkie. My way of making it easier for Randy to reach me. I take the walkie talkie outside while I would shovel. The baby monitor for when I just had to go lay down in bed myself for a bit of a rest. I couldn't take hearing the cell phone so I use the baby monitor or walkie-talkie. OK, so the neighbor is standing on the rug I have on the carpeting, and all of a sudden, we hear Randy rasping/retching sounds, and I said oh excuse me, and go as fast as I can up the stairs. I was upstairs for a bit, got him cleaned up again, and resettled. Went back downstairs, I had a special covered container for my gloves. Peeled them off, washed my hands again, dried them on paper towel, threw them out in special garbage container. Then I said to neighbor, I think you now know what I have been doing with my time, and haven't been outside doing the snowplowing or snow shoveling. He answers, yes, oh my god. He didn't stay too long. Though throughout the day I noticed that our sidewalk got shoveled, the dogs bathroom area got a bit bigger, and the mailbox got cleared out. He has been coming back every morning for the past couple of days to work on shoveling some more. I bring him a water when I see he has stopped to smoke a cig. So I am very grateful. The other day when Randy was sleeping, I went outside and finally snow plowed out the driveway and widened other areas we usually plow. Randy even went to the clinic and got a doctors excuse/note not to have to work for two days. So I guess this has been the reason I haven't felt like reading or writing lately. I am just tired and have to sleep when I can.

Back to the neighbors now. I am so over having to talk a bit to someone else other than Randy, Sadie, or Malcolm. I did call my mom on the 11th on her birthday. It took me three tries to reach her. She went to the YMCA and then some errands, and then they went and ate out for her birthday. She is a busy person. I hope that my neighbor doesn't come over here today. Randy went to work last night. I turned off the baby monitor and walkie talkies yesterday afternoon. I won't put them away yet. I don't plan on going through what he had and is still trying to get through. Now I have to make sure I get to the vet to get their joint chews and some more of the special dog food for Sadie's liver. Then I can go to Target, I actually need some shampoo and conditioner, Bio-Silk.

For a gal who hasn't written in awhile, I did pretty good. I am going to go back to bed soon. Always up early each day so Sadie and get outside to do her potty.