Leggings...... (2019-02-04 - 3:06 a.m.)

Well, well, well, that is a deep subject. Yesterday was a busy day for me. I showered and washed my hair, had that done by 4 am. Then and hour later I did the bed, washed sheets, dried sheets, ok, the machines did all that, then remade my bed, all by 7 am. Then I heard the clean sheets calling, hey Sue, you need a nap, in your comfy, cozy clean sheets. Well, you know it never takes Malcolm a lot of convincing to go to "bedland," as I call it. He literally sounds like he is galloping like he does down the hallway in excitement every time. He loves to nap also. He is the best bed buddy ever. Sadie eventually gets there to her bed which is next to the bed. By the time she comes in, I am usually drifting asleep. She whines a bit to be covered up all comfy, cozy in her pink minky blanket. I arch up, look down, reach for her minky and cover her. If if isn't just right, she whines a tiny bit. We have such a wonderous routine. I love them so, so much. Exciting right?

I didn't watch the Superbowl. I don't care to know who won the Superbowl. I had to ask Randy who was playing in the Superbowl. You get the idea. I think for some, they can enjoy watching the Superbowl. Before I went to bed, early as usual, 7 pm, I spent some time on ebay looking for flowered leggings for my granddaughter. She went to a science something on other on Saturday, and in the pictures she had on her daisy leggings I gave her. I called my son to ask if she was into the next size, she is size 7 now because the size 6 is way to short. She has long, long legs. So I did find one pair in size 7, so cute. He said they were just leaving to go to a Superbowl get together at his girlfriends families house. I said have fun, he said, there is good food, so yes. Her folks and brother just got back from being in Aruba for a week. They missed the whole frigid week here. Lucky ducks. My son said that it would be a late night and he was already tired. I said, don't go. He said, he goes because it makes his girlfriend/wife to be so happy. He told me he took a nap when he took his daughter back, so that should help. Oh my, I think he is getting old, hahahaha.

I have been watching BB Celebrity. Oh my, they are all nuts on a tree bunch. I watch it now to see what crazy shit they say, and all the loud vocal discussions they get into. I can't believe Tamar and Lolo were screaming at each other about what was more expensive, ribs or fish. Then that Ricky kind of gives me the creeps. They call Kato and Tom now Tomato and they are both on the block. That is too bad, that one of them will be gone this evening. Kind of glad it will be over Feb. 13th. Long enough to watch these nuts, and I so realize that I am glad I am not like that at all.

I have to buy BioSilk Shampoo and conditioner. Those products are the bomb. I use the BioSilk leave in stuff. My hair has always looked and feels the best when I use those products. The BioSilk oil or whatever it is, is also a great when put on my legs. Amazing stuff. If you have super, super dry skin, this is so great. Commerical opinion is now over.

My mom's 85th or 86th birthday is coming around. I already sent out her card. I only get mail delivered twice a week during Winter, so I have to plan my letter writing and sending cards out. Then last week there wasn't mail pick or delivery for 3 days because of the frigid temps here. So our mail carrier messaged me that she was delivering on Friday and if I had mail to go out, I better get on it. I did. I put some butterscotch hard candy in the box for her also that day. We don't get a whole lot of mail anymore. I may just keep the mail to two days a week. Here is a bit of a whine, I don't have many people in my life, let alone people who write letters, so when I get I real letter, I cherish it so, so much. Thank you to the ones who write an actual letter to me. I appreciate it greatly.

Well I think I better start watching BB After Dark. BB Celebrity is on tonight. Gotta see what they are discussing loudly. Hahahahahaha