Socks..... (2018-12-12 - 3:13 a.m.)

It is only Wednesday now. Has seemed so far to be a long week to me. Monday night my doggies and I were in bed at 6:15 pm. I was so tired, why fight it, which I didn't, we went to bedland as I call it. Malcolm is so happy to go to bedland, that he does his so cute little gallop down the hallway. We get comfy in bed, then I leave the hall light on until Sadie comes in the bedroom, lays down in her bed, I get up and cover her, turn off the hall light and the bedroom door. Sadie takes about 10 minutes to follow her pack into the bedroom. We have our routine. So today I am up already, doggies have been out, and I have a huge load of laundry going in the washing machine. A lot of Randy's nursing scrubs and underwear, plus a few other items. I didn't know if when I woke up if I would be able to do the laundry. Why? There is a rain/sleet/ice mixture coming our way, and I don't want to be doing laundry and the power go out. The wash will be done by 3:30 am and then another hour in the dryer. I should be all right. I also need to pull out my last two packages of chicken breasts to thaw for two days in the fridge. I can't believe that we will have to stock up on chicken breasts for me. Though I think the last time we bought a large amount was in September. Exciting right. Not.

Did I write that it is only Wednesday. Oh yes I did. Just seems the time is slow, especially sometimes in the mornings. I finally got a new 2019 calendar in the mail. I waited to order one because I was wondering if I could not need to have a wall calendar. When I asked Randy he said that he would like to have one, so I ordered one. I wanted to try to not have a calendar this year. I don't need a paper calendar because I have the one calendar on my phone. I don't have much to put on it, which tells me that I don't really need a paper calendar. My days mesh into each other.

I mailed out a Christmas card with a letter in it on Monday to a recovering American soldier at Bethesda. I wanted to do this. I wonder if they open the letter first to check it out like in prison mail or what. Do they match up the letter with someone who needs that uplifting letter? I also mailed out my mom and dad's Christmas card with their gift card in it. We don't get into presents and Christmas around here. If you have read what I write over the years, you know why, so I won't go into it. I did put up a wreath outside the garage door. The only decoration. Less stress. We do gift cards. Will spend $270.00 on them. Then whenever my granddaughter comes to visit, I will take her shopping for whatever she wants. I don't expect to see her or my son and wife to be, so whenever I do it happens. I don't get my hopes up anymore. Everyone has a life. Their lives are busy. I get forgotten. Now don't feel sorry for me, it is just how it is. I am at peace within myself.

Hey, Dual Survival is on until 11 am this morning. Those two guys are interesting to watch. So I will have that on after I get done writing my entry. Clothes are now drying in the dryer, 33 &1/3 of task completed. There are 3 parts to laundry. Wash, dry, and fold. The worst folding part is matching up Randy's socks. He can have 35 pairs of socks to my 3 pairs, I kid you not. I wear a lot of footies in the house. I only wear my heavier socks outside in my winter mocs from Merrell. So my footies get washed with the colored clothes, like what I did just now. So now I wait until the clothes are dry to fold them. I can't leave them in the dryer to wrinkle. I don't want Randy to have wrinkly work scrubs. It is something I have to do. Complete the whole task start to finish. I don't have anything much more to do today. I have some vacuuming to do.

So this is it from around here. Just hope that we don't get weather wise as bad as they are predicating/indicating. Though my sand buckets are full. Peace.