Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........ (2018-11-18 - 4:19 a.m.)

It is still early here. I was up with Sadie and Malcolm close to 2:30 am, anyway, so this current time is actually later for us. Go figure. They are back to almost sleeping in their doggie beds, and here I am, wide awake. I heard a horn beep nearby, then heard a truck go around 4 am. Oh the hunting they will go in 10 degrees here. It is so cold outside, and now the weather people are saying next Friday and Saturday will be back in the 40's. It has been a weird November, temperature wise. There has been two pileated woodpeckers coming around here. The male even is learning to eat at one of the longer suet feeders. You can put two suets in that cage. It is so awesome to see a pair. Now they both have to make it through the Winter. You never know how it will goes. These birds have a very distinct vocalization, so when I am outside, when I hear their calls I know where they are. They are awesome to watch.

I have to start working on my paper draft of the weekly parent letter. I am having a hard time lately coming up of topics about what to write to them. Not much is going on around here, hence the lack of news to write about. I do my best, and that is all that I can do. I am a good daughter. I don't get a lot of mail. In fact, I have our mail now only delivered to us on Mondays and Thursdays. There is so little that I am going to drop it down to getting only on Thursday. I am really, really liking it, not having to walk to the mailbox all those other days. The mailcarrier gal likes it also she said, saves her a stop.

My old neighbor to the North, texted me sometime during the night. OK he messengered me a note. He texted, "are you up?" oh and how are you? So I messengered back close to 3 am, saying that I was up. I haven't heard back from him. Maybe he wants to come and visit me for awhile. That would be nice, though I won't hold my breath. He is young, and things come up. It would be nice to talk with him and then he could get his pile of mail I have here for him.

I have a blood draw, urine test, and a medical appointment next Wednesday. I am surprised that my main doctor is actually working the day before Thanksgiving. So you know this means that I have got to get my body functioning enough to make the drive on Wednesday morning. I can not remember what time the blood draw or anything is. I hope the appointment mail comes on Monday or I will have to call the Marshfield Clinic. I don't, don't like going to these. I just want to walk super fast out the the building. I am so over having to deal with people. I don't like bullshit and I want to talk about what is important, not trivial shit. So I don't enjoy being social in an appropriate manner. I am so reality/feeling based. I can't believe that I was able to work out there in the public for so long. Just glad that I can choose who I want to spend talking time with.

I had to turn the heat up in the house one more degree. I just can't seem to get and stay warm lately. I am wearing two layers now in the house, hence, add more layers to go outside.

I will have to soak my feet before my medical appointment. I will be having my feet looked at because I am a diabetic. Then I suppose I will try my hardest to shower and wash my hair. If I start thinking about it today, I maybe able to get that task done by Tuesday. Hahahahaha, who am I kidding. I will do my best.

What else? I don't know. Thinking here. The only good thing about Wednesday is after I am free of the clinic, is that I will go to Target, Festival Foods, and the vet for more dog food. I like Target, and on Wednesday's at Festival Foods it is chinese food at the hot food bar. My husband loves their egg rolls and refried rice. I wish I could it that. I usually bring him home as many as 20 egg rolls. I go big, you know, because then I don't have to cook for a couple of days for him. For a small man, he sure can eat a lot. So I guess for me being able to go to Target is my reward for going to my medical appointments, so I can get my many prescriptions renewed for another year or more. Yippee, not.

OK then. Nothing more. Peace.