Screaming...... (2017-10-01 - 7:26 a.m.)

Well, blow me down, here we are in October now. Time sometimes flies, and then sometimes it just drifts by leisurely. Yup, who can tell from day to day. I sure can't. OK then.

I always first walk little Sadie Pants in the morning when it is light out enough. Then once Sadie Pants is in I take Malcolm for his walk about. I do Sadie Pants first because she walks briskly, does her pooping, sniffing and keeps on walking briskly. Good girl. Then Malcolm, he slows the pace down to a crawl sometimes. It doesn't bother me though. Remember he has those 3000 dollar back legs. Just glad he moves and can walk. So, at our slower than slow pace, I get to thinking, I wonder how many minutes, how much time there is? Yup pretty deep thinking for 7 am. I just know that you need to do and keep doing what makes you content, relaxed, and happy in our time here. So I look over at Malcolm and he is so enjoying his sniffing of some leaves. He is happy and you can tell. At that moment he looks over at me, starts wagging his tail, and I swear that he said to me, I love you so much, thank you for being here with me at this moment. I kind of teared up, and grinned back at him and said for the zillionith time I love you soooo much Malcolm.

So back to my thoughts about time. For myself time means a whole lot of nothing. I am here in the present moment writing down my thoughts for what they are worth. They are worth a lot to me, that is why I write. I need to get my thoughts and words down, probably because so I do not forget. It helps me with reflection.

Did I write before about my mother screaming over the phone at me last Sunday? Probably not. I did not appreciate being screamed at because of the RAV. The RAV's differential was going, a lot of pumps needed replacing, 4 new Winter tires were needed before Winter. Randy took it in to have all the recalls on the RAV fixed and then he asked them to check it over because for about a year it has been making noise. I told him this each time I drove the RAV about it, which granted I probably drove it once a month. He had sooooo many miles on the RAV from driving back and forth to work. My mom and dad gave the RAV to Randy, not me. I didn't think two grown ass adults, Randy 63 and me 61 had to let them know that the RAV was going to be traded in. My mom loves RAVs. She told me that the RAV is so popular and the dealerships want them. She screamed at me that I didn't know what I was doing, that I got taken, etc, etc, blah, blah, and more blah. She was saying so much which I couldn't understand because she was screaming. Then she screams, I am done and hangs up on me. This call was before 8:15 am in the morning. Remember they gave the RAV to Randy not me. I want him to be safe of the road driving at night. So we got a good deal with the RAV as a trade-in for a black FORD sport 2015. Randy likes FORD, it is his second FORD truck. For myself I like a CHEVY. Anyhoo, I did not appreciate being disrespected by my mother yelling at me. I did not and will not give her an excuse just because she is 80 plus years. After she hung up on me, I just wondered what the heck my dad thought about all that. So next time they call I will let Randy pick up and talk to them. They already called yesterday when I was outside, darn I missed that call. Hahahahahaha.

OK back to life here. As you all know, I am and will continue to be doing my rake-a-thon. Two trailer full of leaves/pinecones/pine needles so far have been hauled away, and still going. I haven't even started on Mike's yard across the road. I did burn all of his debris in his firepit yesterday morning. It was so calm, I just had to do it. I mowed a lot of paths again in the woods. I plan to go over it again. I use my old beater of a mower. It takes a beating and still keeps on mowing. I bounce the mower so hard over sticks and such. I paid a guy 5 bucks for it. Yup, 5 bucks and a container of tomatoes about 4 years ago. It is a great mower. I have to sharpen the two chainsaw blades today and get them ready by next weekend for more wood cutting up in the woods. I stacked all the wood we cut down last week. All the planters and plants are still going strong so I don't have to end their season yet. I did take down all the hummer feeders because I was getting swarms of wasps on them. Yesterday I took in the bird bath and washed that up. It is downstairs waiting to be put away. I left the critter water bowl out there. The birdies can drink from that yet.

Well that about all I got from this neck of the Woods. Peace Out.