Guess What.......Chatty (2017-05-24 - 7:09 a.m.)

Thought I would surprise those who read with another entry so soon. So I awoke this morning thinking it is Monday. Yup, got up and thinking it was Monday, I better get that one more small bag out to the garbage can for the garbage pick-up guy. See we put the garbage can out on Sunday nights due to the fact the garbage pick-up guy swings back here anytime between 6 to 7 am. So any garbage made from putting the can out to early morning goes in a bag you get from stores. I am up early so I run it out. So anyhoo I go into the kitchen and look for that little bag. Nope. I think hmmmmmmmm, ok, so then I go to the front window look out and see know garbage can. Instead of just looking at the wall calendar, I put on my shoes and hoodie, go out to the garage and look in the garbage can. Yup it is empty. Am I in a dream or what? So I go back in the house and look at the calendar. Oh my gosh it is Wednesday. How did it jump to Wednesday so fast? So there you have it, my week just fast forwarded to Wednesday. I can deal with that. So I just do what I normally do at this early time in the morning. What? I can just imagine you are all sitting on the edges of your chair in hoping that I tell you. OK, you bent my arm. I usually am already dressed for the day when I walk out into the kitchen. I have to be. When I put out the doggies, I go outside with them. I am their protector. You never know what wild animal maybe out there at 4:30 or 5 am and it is still darkish out. Then we come back in, all three get their joint chews. I hope it helps because they cost a lot. Time passes a bit and at 6 am I take my thyroid pill. Then about half an hour later, I make Taffy the kitty her plate of soft food. Oh, first I have to give Sadie her vitamin e hidden in peanut butter. Then the dogs like the spoons I use each day for putting the soft cat food on Taffy's plate. Yes Taffy gets a clean plate each day for her soft food. I have to chop it up into smaller chunks, easier dining. The dogs each then get to lick a spoon, I switch spoons, I turn them over and they lick the back side. Then I rinse off the spoons, pick up Taffy's food plate, walk down 8 steps to the basement and put the plate on the floor for her. I pick up the eaten off plate and go upstairs. I leave the one light on for her. Just something I do for her. I walk over by the kitchen and put the plate on the floor and the dogs work on cleaning it further. Actually Sadie pushes Malcolm away and he just watches. By now it may be around quarter to 7. Taffy comes back up, goes and get a drink after eating some of her food, then comes back and lays down in one of the 4 pet beds I have. She cleans herself. I pick up the plate, run water on it, put soap on it and let it sit a bit. Then the dogs may eat some of their food or get a drink then they too lay down. Now they are sleepy again and I am totally awake. Yup, exciting morning routine. It never changes, or if it does, hardly at all. Now it is 7:31 right now, and I am telling you readers this. I know you wish you had skipped this, but routine is so wonderful to have in my life. At 8 am I take my diabetic drug. Then I have, I figure from knowing the feeling my body has approx. 30 minutes to eat something. I have to take my thyroid med so early because you can not anything for approx. over an hour after taking it. So then I have to prepare my plate of protein/veggie/rice. That is why I eat a meal so early. In the Winter I work around this schedule to shovel the snow. God forbid I mess up eveyone's routing here in our house. Happy pets are happy life, right.

Onward, I video chatted with my son yesterday early evening. It was raining in G.B. so they had to reschedule granddaughters first t-ball game. So I got to talk with her. First thing she says after saying hi, is when am I coming to get her for vacation? I said if all is good, and good with everyone, June 9th. Her last day of school is June 8th. She said that she needs to stay for weeks, and I asked her what is a lot of weeks to her. She said 8. I thought that would be super fine with us here, but I don't think so for all of them there. I did get to talk with my son for a couple of minutes and he told me that granddaughters biological mom has moved out of that house and in with her boyfriend. So she only sees granddaughter maybe only once a week if that. So my son asks me, what I think about this and what should he do about custody? I said document it all. So now the other grandparents have to care for her and my son and this girlfriend. In all of this, I so feel for my granddaughter.

My neighbor across the road won't be coming back anytime soon or if he does it will be for short times because he can not leave his wife alone. This is what my neighbor across the channel, on the other point told me. I saw him fishing so I walked down the shore on this side and stood on the neighbors dock and we talked a bit. This is what he told me. I asked if Mike was going to hire someone then to do the mowing? He said no that he would also help me out with the mowing. I thought, thank heavens, I could use some help. So in a couple of days it will be one month since my neighbor across the road was here. Then his 46 year old son died in his sleep on May 13th. Life changes in a blink of an eye. Live in the moment, be as joyful as you can. Love yourself and others with your whole being.

Oh and since Taffy has one more can of soft canned food, today I planned on doing errands in Marshfield. I haven't been anywhere since around May 1st when I went to get my backpiece worked on. Remember me writing that I thought it was Monday, well it is Wednesday so soon after I eat my meal I will run errands. I hope I feel ok enough to go and get a trim on my hair. List of stops: vet, hair trim, Target, Festival Foods because on Wednesday it is Chinese food on their food bar and Randy loves their fried rice and egg rolls. Wish I could eat that, it smells so good. Then I want to stop at this yarn shop to look for more purplish yarn to make knit more blankets for granddaughters Sweet Street People beds. I have knitted over 12 of them now and am getting low on purplish colors. Oh my 8:01 am have to stop writing. Got to keep to the routine. Yes Sue, it is Wednesday here.