4:38 am Saturday I Think..... (2014-12-20 - 4:07 a.m.)

I reread the entry I wrote 6 days ago. Gee whiz....that was way to ho-hum for me even and b-o-r-i-n-g, I tell you.

OK then...maybe this one will be more interesting and entertaining. I haven't written here for 6 days, seems like a long time but to me it isn't. Since then I will recap.

I finished wrapping all the Christmas gifts I bought. So then on Wednesday, body permitting and weather, I was able to drive to Green Bay and deliver them. Got to see my granddaughter. She was so thinking that she was coming back here for more vacation time with husband and I. That made me sad that she couldn't. I didn't have any gifts for my son so I took him clothes shopping. We went to a place called, "Next." It is a shop that people bring in their clothes they don't want anymore and the clothes are resold for not a whole lot of money. They even had a "his" room of clothing. The clothes were grouped in colors which I liked. My granddaughter came with. My son got a call from her and she wanted us to come back home to her parents house so that she could visit with me a bit before her last class for the semester. We went back. Oh, my son got two nice pairs of jeans, a pair of sweatpants for lounging at home, and two excellent shirts, all for only $42.00 and some change. The jeans still had their original store tags left on them. There are alot of rich people out there who must buy clothes and then a year or two later go through their closets and dump alot of clothes at stores like this. For myself I own a pair of Winter mocs from Merrell and one other pair of Merrell mocs. I also have a pair of walking shoes. For pants I have 4 pair. I have 5 pair of compression socks, I had one more pair but a thread got caught and started to be a problem and they were starting to get way too stretched out. I have two pair of yoga pants and two big dog shirts with pouches for all my tissues, that I wear inside to lounge around in. I have two support bras fairly new since last May because of my breast reduction I had. I don't believe in having alot of clothes, not anymore since I am retired and don't work. Since November 2010 I have slowly been donating some of my clothes to this women's shelter in Marshfield, I thought that was a good thing to do. Sometimes the women arrive there with just what they are wearing.

OK back to Wednesday little trip to GB I went on. So we go back to the house and visit. Her mom wasn't there, and her dad works, so it was just the 4 of us. That was nice. She is having another test the day after Christmas. They will be putting calcium into her pancreas for 7 to 8 hours and scanning it. Why? you ask...because they want to determine how much or if all the pancreas has to be removed. So we will see. I will definitely be having my granddaughter here whenever her surgery happens.

On Sunday the weather will be changing again. Sounds like a mixed bag. My back just magically feels much better now, just in time for the next shoveling. I figured out why that there is a spot on my right side of my neck hurts. I have been winding skeins of yarn, I have been trying to wind up a day for about the last two weeks. I wind really really fast. So yesterday while winding a skein I felt the ouch in that one spot, bingo, that's why. So I will try to wind slower. Winding is mindless and just let's your mind wander.

Today I am up early as usual. The main reason is that I go to bed so darn early. It really doesn't matter though.

I don't have much else, have a few daily tasks to do, the main two being refill the sand buckets with lids outside with sand for the ice we will be getting, and loading up all the bird feeders and suet cages because it is hard to walk on an ice crusted yard, and the birdies and squirrels need food. Oh and I plan to shower and wash my hair a day early just in case, with an ice storm acoming I don't need to get caught in the shower being all soapy, that would just be my luck you know.

Yesterday I made one of my husband's favorite casseroles, angelhair spagetti bake I call it. I created my own version of it. It takes an hour of prep before it gets into the oven for an hour. He will be eating that awhile because I make a 9" by 13" pan. Now I have to think about what to make next. I keep asking him if he wants meatloaf, I never get a response. With meatloaf I would make a big batch of whipped potatoes for him to go with that. I make potatoe patties from some of the mashed potatoes, I like those. I am not really into eating alot you know. I eat to survive and not bottom out on my blood sugar. The other day, I am bad, I knew my blood sugar was low, it got down to 54. Holy shit batman, so I don't want it going that low again. Gotta eat. It was all I could do to pour a glass of chocolate milk and use a straw. I have just put a straw into the chocolate milk and done it that way also. You can't mess around when it starts getting that low.

Well off to the races now...just kidding....don't you know. In my life their is absolutely no rush, I tell my granddaughter that all the time, and now she tells me that.