What Else Could Occur? (2014-04-08 - 3:13 a.m.)

Remember I said that I was going to the hospital to see MIL on Saturday. I went. I got there in time to go with her and watch her in PT. She did a few steps with the walker. The PT part they did with her didn't go so well. She would hold her breath when they would move her or her leg on the PT bed. They were constantly reminding her to breath through the pain, etc. Well that got done. I went back to her room. They brought her back in. She said something to me and I answered back, but it was apparently the wrong response she wanted to hear. She said to me in a very mean voice and tone, that I know everything. I responded back, that no I do not. Then it got worse. She said something mean again, and then I said well I guess I will go now. As I got my purse and jacket, she said to me that she doesn't know what to say to me anymore. She was mad. This all happened in front of a medical staff, and then the doctor walked in as I was leaving. It gets even more involved. Apparently, I don't know when, Sat. or Sunday she talked with her good friend and a social worker. She is changing her power of attorney. It will no longer be my husband. She called my husband's sister in Kentucky and she was told that she would be second in line for power of attorney if anything happened to her friend of just a few years. My husband's sister left him a voice message yesterday asking him to call her because she is wondering what the heck is going on. Oh, also, my husband's mom doesn't want anything to do with him or me ever again. When my husband called his mom on Sunday to say hi and how are you doing, she didn't want to talk and hung up on him. So I guess we are done with helping and being there for her. There isn't much else we can do. I feel bad for the new power of attorney because there is a lot to learn and do. My MIL is very needy and demanding. Apparently I wasn't doing it the way she wanted or responding to her right. It feels like a relief. It is too bad because now she will be even more lonely. I know now that it all started when we told her we felt that she shouldn't have the surgery. My husband's sister also felt that she shouldn't have the surgery. So for now, we won't be having any contact with her.

When I woke up and after putting the doggies out early this morning I checked my phone. I had a message from my son. The message wasn't good. My granddaughter's other grandmother blew up again and said she is done with her granddaughter. How can a person be that way, our granddaughter is so precious. I love her so much. She was drunk as usual, and she did this right in front of granddaughter. He said what is wrong with these people. He also said he wants so desparately to be out of there. He had to be at work shortly, and our granddaughter's mom has a late class on Monday's. I so feel sad for them, and what is wrong with this other grandmother. I don't know what to do to help them either. My husband and I tried have them living here last year, which remember didn't work out for us all. I just wish that life could be better for them, and that they could afford to find a rental apartment. Maybe they will just have to do that so that their daughter doesn't have to listen to that ranting drunken stuff. She shouldn't be exposed to that verbal emotional abuse. I feel so terrible for my son's girlfriend, knowing that is how she was brought up.

I don't rationalize or give excuses to anyone anymore for their behaviors. People choose what to say and how to say it. I don't like people who are negative around me anymore either. I just can't. I have to help my emotional health and physical health. I don't live with my head buried in the sand either. I know that there are mean and uncaring people out there, I just don't have them around me.

My husband didn't seem to upset about his mother. He said that is how she is. She has been this way for years. He has told me before. I do so understand why he enlisted in the army at age 17. His oldest sister also left home as soon as she graduated.

I don't have anything else to write about. I will just wait until my son or his girlfriend calls me. He works nights so I don't know when that will be. What can I do. Now I will just sit here and cry some for my granddaughter. I feel so sad. So how is everyone else's life going these days? Bless the beasts and the children......