Ladybugs...... (2013-11-21 - 3:59 a.m.)

Yesterday it snowed here and oh boy I got to shovel off the front deck. It was very pretty, huge flakes that stayed on the ground and there is still snow on the ground this morning when I put the dogs out. On the edge of the light I put on, are two of the bird feeders, I noticed a rabbit peacefully eating away. I was the only one who noticed. The doggies went out and did their things, and zoomed back in. Sadie's eyesight isn't what it used to be and Malcolm is her follower. I always go outside when I put them out. Ever since a number of years ago, when I saw cougar tracks in the snow, and then less than a week later, I saw huge poop on the road. I took pictures of this huge poop and sent it to the DNR along with where I live and phone number. Within an hour of sending the pics I got a call from them. They wanted to come and look at it and do their DNR thing. They actually took all the poop. They asked me also that if more showed up to call them because they want to know how many wolves are around here. Yes, they had used the plural word wolves. Just less than a mile to the East is land that is protected by the State here. I can't remember what they call it, but no one can own it or build on it. It is protected. Anyhoo, we have also had a bear who bent over and tore up one of the bird feeders on its pole. Snow reminds to me even more on alert. The DNR told me that the more snow we get the more likely wolves and cougars will venture around places where food is, they meant like pets. That Winter we did have more snow and snowstorms than I have ever seen. After that I got a gun and holster. I also went and worked on becoming a better shot. I do wear my gun and holster outside a lot. When my granddaughter is here I strap it on when I would have her in her stroller and we would go for walks. I never took the dogs along when we would do this because I can only take care of her if we have a wild animal situation. Now this past Summer and Fall when she would come to visit, she would push her stroller all over. When my husband and I are over working on clearing and cutting the dead wood and trees in the two lots we bought, we each have a gun. He brings one of the other one, and I strap on my holster. My husband is a good shot, he was in the army for 7 years. You need to be prepared, at least it makes you feel safer. We always have wild turkeys around.

Enough written about the wildlife. Today Malcolm has his xray on his little leg. I hope that the bones have started fusing. He is doing better. Each day is another day towards totally being done. Last year he had his right leg done. If we hadn't had this done, he would have become lame, and he is too young. I want my pets to have a great quality of life. I still do leg massages and some physical therapy especially on his left leg. Taffy the kitty, is doing ok for a 13 year old cat. I ordered her a catnip mat and some 12 inch catnip sticks. There is this woman on ebay, who I have bought from before, who makes them. She uses the cutest material, batting, and home grown catnip. So Taffy plays with these off and on during the day. The dogs leave her items alone.

Tuesday my husband and I had to go to his workplace for a health insurance meeting and sign some papers to continue with his health insurance. I hadn't been anywhere for over two weeks. Now I take Malcolm to the vet today. Plus next Monday I have an eye exam. Being diabetic I am so darn lucky that I get those extra two drops put in my eyes. I can't drive for a long while after my appointment. I know I will be getting new glasses. It has been awhile since I got new glasses, I have had my new prescription put in old frames. I know I am fruggle. My MIL wants me to stop in and see her before I go home. She made me cookies for my birthday. I don't tell her I can't eat them, my husband eats them. She has been sick for seven days now and has a cough. I haven't been sick since 2006 except for my food related stuff. I had one cold in seven years. Why, I am sure because I don't go anywhere unless I absolutely have to or for medical emergencies. So when I get to her door I plan to put a mask over my mouth and latex free gloves to touch her door handle. I know you may think this is excessive but what she has I am sure isn't healthy. Yesterday when I called her, she said she has a slight temp and chills. Last year she ended up in the hospital because one night she couldn't breathe or catch her breath, and she called 911. So I went to visit her everyday, weather permitting in the hospital. I wore a mask then also. She is an extremely stubborn 84 year old woman. I just hope that this doesn't turn into pnemouia for her again.

I have jeans and socks in the dryer already. I have to make a pork roast for my husband and my chicken boobs and carrots for myself yet. I will be doing that soon. Then I have those tasks done for today. I get to eat chicken and carrots I figure by 8 am today. Wow, how exciting my life is. I do really like the peacefulness and such. The excitement going on right at this moment is that there is a ladybug flying around and little Malcolm gets unnerved by it, so I try my darnedest to get it, sometimes I do and sometimes I just am unable to. When I can't he runs off and sits in Sadie's doggie bed in the bedroom. Oh there he goes off to the bedroom because the ladybug is still flying around the dining room area. So I suppose I need to stop writing because I have to get after the ladybug, wish me luck.