The Usual.... (2013-05-28 - 4:14 a.m.)

Up way too early today. Couldn't sleep or lay in bed anymore, so I got up. Yesterday I slept off and on all day. I just felt very fatigued. I haven't felt that fatigued in a couple of years I guess. You know I never remember how long and/or when I was feeling a certain way. So I write in a health issue/situation notebook I keep. This way when I see my doctors, I refer to it, beats trying to remember the data they want.

Enough rain already. Saturday I think it was we got 3 inches that day. Yesterday it rained more. Besides the dehumidifier I am running constantly downstairs, I have put a fan down there now. I am still saving money to pay for a roof repair leak going on. The cost is on my shoulders to pay because my husband can't afford to pay it, so we wait until I have enough cash to cover the roof repair cost. Hence the fans, I always run the dehumidifier.

Yesterday I went into town because our local little hardware store was having 4 packs of garden plants for .99 cents. Their plants are always hardy. So I spent less than $17.00 with tax. I do recall last year I didn't plant any flowering garden plants, I just didn't feel like it. This year I will because it lifts my spirits and makes me smile when I see their blooming beauty. I need some sunshine.

Well my parents called yesterday early evening. I don't enjoy our phone conversations anymore. I told them about our son, girlfriend, and granddaughter going back to GB. I told them about her brother. One of my mom's comments was, what a family my son is involved in, and what a soap opera. I asked about how dad and her were doing. Last week my dad went to their dentist thinking that he was probably going to get a crown put back on one of his back molars. No such luck, it was so very damaged that the dentist recommended just pulling it out. So that happened and now he has to eat soft foods. Then I had said or asked, my mom to keep us updated about my dad's electrocardiogram in June. If he has the surgery for the leaky valve, I would like to be there for him and her. Well, she said that it is dad's decision if he wants me there. You know that also means maybe she doesn't want me there. So her words hurt. You would think that if there will be a major surgery for your dad, that no matter what, he and she would want their daughter there. I don't know what they tell my sister. Maybe she doesn't bother them as much as I apparently do. I am just tired of trying to figure out what they, especially what my mom means. I think that I should let that go. So you see, my conversations aren't always pleasant with my folks especially my mother. My mom as of late just doesn't seem good to me. I always ask how she is doing and when I do, she has an excuse that she has to go and do something, to get off the phone. This time when I was talking I had the phone on speaker so that my husband could hear my mom exactly, and when she clicked off, he said that was odd. Enough written about that. So I know it isn't me and just what I am reading into what she says.

I made sloppy joes this weekend. The best part is that I toast on a flat pan the buns. We put a dab of sour cream on the buns, and a potatoe chip and the sloppy joe. Yummy, my husband requested this. It is easy to make. I use up to 3 lbs. of angus beef hamburger, I chop of some green olives, and two cans of Campbell's chicken gumbo soup. About half a can of water plus a teaspoon of sugar. I squeeze some ketchup also into it. I never measure, just do it. Since I am allegric to garlic and onion I can't squeeze any brown mustard into it anymore. So he has been eating this, it makes a lot for two. I don't eat a lot of it. I am thinking that I will make up some angel hair spaghetti and make a mini casserole. I layer the sloppy joe mixture I made, the noodles and shredded cheese. This way I can make a different dish and can also it that. Take a little break from the chicken breasts.

Oh, I know, I finally finished the book I was reading called, "Bed." I didn't get any reading done when our granddaughter was here, and all the stuff was going on. I would go to bed and was so tired that I couldn't even read. I didn't really like the book, I liked how he wrote, his description and his words, just it was tough to get through the book. My motto is if I can't get into reading a book within the first 50 pages I stop. It was a good read for the first 50 pages then it started to slow down. I was just hoping it would suck me in again as I continued to read. It wasn't for me, but maybe for someone else.

Well this is about all I got for now.