Changes...... (2013-05-18 - 4:51 a.m.)

Well alot has happened this week. My son's girlfriends brother got out of jail early Monday. He isn't supposed to be near our granddaughter or in a place where there is alcohol and/or drugs. How can you not be if the mom is an alcoholic and the dad is a functioning, sort of alcoholic. Enough said about them. Anyway, the brother stops in at the house and picks up our granddaughter. Not a good situation. Then the next day, he came in a car with his druggy friends, he stops in whenever he wants and picks her up again. Her mother told him that she is not fine with this and that he should leave. He did, and she called me. Remember she had told her parents that if they can't reason with her brother and make him not do this, that they will leave. Remember me writing previously how that when he was arrested in that house, the law officers found over 25 needles in his bedroom, which is right next to our granddaughters. So after talking with her, she asked me if I would come and get her. So off I drove this time by myself to GB and got her. They had everything that they could packed for her. The car was as stuffed as it could it. Her safety was forefront. That was Tuesday. They had to deal with all the meanness and hostility there. I can well imagine how awful that was. All the guilt placed on them, since nothing was her parents fault. They were going to try and make it for a few more days, so that she could work and earn tip money. It got so emotional abusive from her parents side and one grandmother, who by the way is an alcoholic also. She called and asked if they could come here sooner. Yes. So Wednesday was her last day at work. Remember my husband works nights, he has to sleep sometimes, and I am now taking care of our granddaughter alone and the pets. So on his day off, he comes home from working Wednesday night, which is Thursday morning, sleeps a few hours, leaves here, drives to WR and gets a huge uhaul truck. One that 3 people can also ride in. Yes, bless him, even on our anniversary, goes up to GB, first to the house, loads up their possessions there, goes to the storage unit I have paid for a year, loads up everything there and comes back here, that was Thursday. They arrived back here at 10:18pm. I was still up because I have to be even though I am very tired. Thank heavens I actually got sleep last night and I actually feel better. In fact I think I got a 4 hour block of sleep which is unusal for me. I even pooped pretty good this morning. I haven't pooped good all week, I wonder why, not really. So on Thursday night all they did was put the frozen foods in the freezer, 3 coolers full, and put the bed up, vaccummed it, made it up and went to bed. We all did. Then on Friday they unloaded the rest, and of course it rained here off and on all day. The plan was to leave here and return the uhaul at 1 ish. They had it unloaded by 11 am. They all went to return it, my granddaughter and I stayed home. They then went and ate at Taco John's and got some grocercies. Remember her dad promised them that he would get the queen sized bed all year they were there. That never happened. My son hasn't slept in a bed, unless they came here for a visit. He is a big man. He slept on a couch in their basement, by the way which had no windows. She slept on a blow up thing. They are in our new basement, which has a slider to the South and two windows to the West. They are here now. Wow. They tried living with her parents one year almost to the day. Trying to see if her parents would actually do what they say they would. So sad. So now our granddaughter and her parents are here and they are safe. They told me that the little one is so much more calmer. Now next week they will start looking for work. My car will become the community car. So that has been what has been going on here this week. Changes. Will be adjustments for all of us. I plan to take each day at a time which is what I do anyway. On a sidebar, I let my parents know what has been happening. My mother is such a "debbie downer." I knew from the get go how tough this conversation would be, so she didn't disappoint me. There was alot I wanted to say but didn't, why bother and make me feel worse. I thought that how awful if we said that we wouldn't let them come here. Who knows where they would live, homeless shelters, they wouldn't have a car. In homeless shelters you are usually only allowed a certain number of days and then have to move on, plus up can only sleep there. You have to find places that let you hang around, you have to know when they close so you can go loiter some other place until they close, waiting for the homeless shelter at the time to open up for the night. Beds are numbered so you may not even get one. In Wisconsin Winters are a bitch, this past Winter proving that constantly. It was a tough Winter for all here. So they gave up the car they were using in GB because she made car payments to her dad, but it wasn't in her name. When she had extra cash she would pay ahead, and she paid 3 months ahead. Her dad told her that he wouldn't give any of that back. They have no money and I know that she feels terrible without having any cash. She doesn't like a handout. I also called and told my hushand's mom. What a difference that call was. She said we did what we needed to do and that thank god they are safe now. She also suggested looking into MHA, Marshfield Housing Authority, that maybe down the road in time a bit, they would quality for low income housing. They should start now, because of course there is always a waiting list. Maybe it won't rain today, I can hope because it is easier to spend as much time outside with my granddaughter. She runs and go go go and then some. That is it for now, this was a long write but I had to get this down so that I don't have to think about these past 5 days. Less drama in my book is for the good.