Lots of News.....I Guess (2012-11-14 - 6:04 a.m.)

Wednesday, wow, I feel like I just did some writing here, and four days have past. Monday I went gungho down in the basement, getting ready for the shelving. Well you know me, I overdid it on my body. So Tuesday I spent in alot of pain, hobbling around. I couldn't feel my foot and the left leg was racked in muscle spasms. Ouch, but I made it through the pain, and I hope that today I can appear a little less of the hobbling look. It was an awful feeling to just have to lay low and rest. My upper left back thigh is still spasming a bit, but not as bad as yesterday. So I promise myself to take it easier today also. I had to cancel my dentist appointment for Thursday because I didn't think I could endure the car ride there. So I go in early December. I don't usually cancel anything I have set up unless it is because of my body/health issues. Enough said about this old body.

It is warming up here for the week. I have to say Monday was bitterly cold. Old Man Winter gave us a taste of what is to come. The weather person said the temps were like what we could expect in later December. I still need to get a new pair of Merrell Winter Mocs. Maybe in the early part of December I will do that.

My husband has most of the baked goods all eaten that my mom made for him. He is working on the Chex Mix also. I can't eat any of the Chex Mix, it used to be a favorite of mine. There are too many spices in the Worcherster seasoning she uses. I always loved the cashews especially from the mix. Oh well.

My husband is at work, plus today he has to be up by 1pm to go to a 2pm nurse's meeting. So he will be extra tired. Poor guy, he just seems to never get enough sleep.

Oh the guy and his son, from across the road came back from Janesville on Monday afternoon. It was snowing huge flakes all day Monday also. He told me that his wife's drainage tubes where taking out Monday morning. She has stage 3 breast cancer and it was also into her lympth nodes, so they removed massive amounts of cancer ridden tissue. She starts her chemo treatment the day after Thanksgiving. She plans to come up here for Thanksgiving. I hope that they don't think that she will make a big spread of food for Thanksgiving. She doesn't like to come up here, there isn't much for her to do. It is a long drive here. Her husband plans to do some deer hunting, and I think that is why he came back. You know he wants to get some meat in the freezer. He fished all summer, so they had fish to eat. To me he didn't look all that healthy. My husband and I noticed on Monday when they arrived and opened the back of the vehicle how packed it was. So we did the neighborly thing, we went and helped him unload. His son gets back pain, and he apparently went to lay down on his bed. So he was all alone doing this task in the snow flying. This is when he told us about how his wife is doing. I am glad to help out when I can. When my husband and I were back in the house, I asked him how long she may have to live since it was stage 3 breast cancer and spread. He said if she is lucky, I don't like the word lucky, maybe a year plus a little more. She isn't in the best health either. She has had one of her knees replaced, and still when I see her climb the stairs over there, she looks like she is hurting going up the stairs. She is a bit on the heavier side, and just like her husband, she smokes alot and she drinks also. So maybe with the chemo, she won't be able to smoke or drink. I had a very good friend go through chemo, and I went with her to her treatment when I could. Everything changes in the body and the tastes were awful. Thank god for peanut butter and crackers. She also drank soy milk. The regular 2% made her throw up. So she is still living because they caught hers at stage 1. I feel just awfully sad for the guy across the road and his family. I will keep her and his family in my positive thoughts.

So today, I will write a thank you card out to my son's girlfriend. She(they) gave me a Target giftcard. I plan to turn around and use it to buy part of a box of Pampers Cruisers 4 for my granddaughter. The big box is $39.00, so the gift card will pay for part of it. They really shouldn't have because their money is so tight.

My mom and dad said they mailed out my birthday card last Thursday, and I still haven't gotten it. I figured I would have gotten it yesterday. So I am hoping today, because I don't know why they didn't just bring it along and give it to me on Saturday. Who's to say what they were thinking. So I will have to write another thank you card to go out tomorrow.

I sure had alot to write about. It is still dark outside at 6:31 am. They also said cloudy so Sadie won't have alot of sunshine to bask in around the house today. The sunshine makes her so happy, and that makes me happy for her. I love my pets.