Getting Caught Up..... (2012-07-21 - 6:51 a.m.)

I didn't check out, really. I was busy here having my granddaughter visit us. We went to GB on Sunday and took her back yesterday. We were so busy, her sitting in her stroller and me walking her. We walked all around on the Island. We walked in the woods on the Island. We touched all different sort of trees. She stood on a grass patch in her bare feet. Then we went to the backyard and stood on a Princess Pine patch, I think that is what it is. It is so soft and cushiony. I like to walk on it with my bare feet. She is very happy being outside. When inside she likes to be held and look out the windows. She stares at the bird feeders and watches the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. It was very nice to have her here for a visit.

Now on to the other stuff. Got a call from my parents, I think it was the Friday before we went to pick up our granddaughter on Sunday. They said that they will be here on Sunday afternoon. I said fine. Apparently they heard me say that we are picking up our granddaughter on Saturday, and that she would be adjusted by Sunday when they would be there. Nope my mom got that wrong. Thank heavens she is such an easy going baby girl. So we got back here oh, I would say about an hour before they pulled into the driveway. Alot going on. They got to meet and see her, spend some time with her. Remember my mom around a week ago had called and said that she wants to talk with my husband and I. While they were here on Sunday they didn't talk to us, they talked to my husband when they went out to dinner in Marshfield. I stayed home here with my granddaughter because it was after 6 pm when they left to go eat in Marshfield. I wanted her to be able to eat and go to sleep when she was ready to. OK, so when my husband got home late from Marshfield he told me that my mom and dad talked to him about what they wanted to talk to us about. I thought, wow, I wasn't even there. They told my husband that they will pay his hospital and clinic outstanding bill from when he had his gall bladder surgery and 14 day stay in the hospital. Holy cow, right. So on Monday, my husband called the hospital billing and then the clinic billing to get the current accurate totals. I will say wow again, because my mom and dad didn't bat an eye with the totals. We here figured that we would be paying those off for a few more years. Even with health insurance it was alot out of our pockets. So my dad wrote out a check. I drove to Marshfield on Tuesday to deposit it, and my husband paid one of them, because he had just paid the other, and they told him they would send out another statement right away. My parents wanted to do this for my husband, that was very nice of them. Oh, though my mom asked my about me, my health and she doesn't get why if I don't eat much, why does it look like I have added a few pounds. I had my Curves shirt on, I bought a size larger, for my big boobs, and it just hung on me. I don't talk back or argue because you just don't get anywhere with her. She is so very judgemental. Then right after that comment she made a comment about my son, her grandson. Let me tell you it wasn't very nice. See she gets those jabs in when we are alone usually. So they came over just for a short while on Monday morning to see our grandbaby and bring some diet pepsi and Gatorade here. My dad was in a hurry to get going because remember Monday was so hot and humid. Tuesday was also so hot and humid here. We didn't spend alot of time outside, it was to hot for humans and pets.

So moving along in the week. It was great to be able to get back outside for Wednesday and Thursday. We left the house by 7:03am yesterday(Friday) and had her home early. She is such an early bird just like me. Little did I know that her mom would be mad at me. She texted my husband twice and then called here on her break from work. Oh boy, remember last time, we had a hard time trying to get her to drink her formula. Well they sent a can of formula, which we didn't open. I am bad I guess. I got yelled at, don't ever do that again, she needs it to grow her bones strong and not stunt her growth. OK then, I said I was sorry and I wouldn't let that happen again. She was mad at me and she didn't include my husband in it. At least she didn't scream at me this time. Oh, I also realized that this woman is so picky about the clothes for her daughter. I thought gee, I got some super nice, good condition baby girl clothes for her I won on ebay. I am not doing that again. She just doesn't seem to appreciate it. She wants namebrands, etc. So anything I buy I will keep here and let our granddaughter wear it here. She told me awhile back that she got rid of some of the clothes I had bought for our granddaughter. Live and learn. So needless to say I don't feel very appreciated lately.

Overall, it was a great five days with her. The tough part was dealing with all the adults. I am a sensitive person and my feelings get easily hurt even now. People say and do somethings that are wrong. I wish they would think about the whole big picture and the ramifications that their words inflick.

Moving on, it is so very sad about the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. So sad. Hard to know what to write about it. Just so sad and my heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones and with the others with injuries.