Greening Up Around Here.... (2012-05-02 - 8:26 a.m.)

I feel like I have been released from debtors prison. I guess that statement is kind of cruel, but holy fuck, batman. I have been paying out of my funds since he moved out at age 18, he will be 28 come July. So folks, come the end of May 2012, for the first time, I won't be sending out a rent check. I will have an extra $425.00. Whoppee I say. Wow, I feel almost free. The money chains are slowly being released. How awesome is that, wow, and more wow. Can you read that I am so glad about this.

Yesterday afternoon, I took a jaccuzi bath. I spent a portion of the afternoon mowing the long grass using the push mower. It is easier to use sometimes than the other gas mower. There isn't alot of grass that grows here, though it is uneven terrian I call it. My feet were hurting, so I decided to soak. I also decided to throw out in the trash my winter mocs by Merrell. I have worn them for two winters now, and the left back heel is so crushed from putting them on and off, plus there is no trend left, all worn off. So now maybe I can afford to replace them. Actually I will have to since they are in the trash container outside. I am now wearing another just a driving moc from Merrell. They fit different, so they will take a bit to get used to.

Last night it rained, and we had fog out this morning. Now the sun is out and drying it all off. It is going to be very humid the next 2 to 3 days, so you know what that means. Thunderstorms. Won't be getting alot of work done outside, I don't do well in the humidity. Didn't put the furnace on last night, another whoppee. My husband doesn't want to have to fill the gas tank again this spring. We only had to do one fill up this year with the mild winter and all.

So my husband got back from GB earlier than I thought he would last night. I figured midnight or so, but he was here by 9 pm. Part One of three trips up there to help my son with getting out of the apartment. We figure it should be done right, and not hap-hazard like. So my husband is going there again on Saturday around noon, and he plans to stay overnight up there. They are going to haul most of the belongings to storage. Our son gets to put up his fish tank and bed in his girlfriend's parents house in the downstairs, plus our granddaughters crib will finally be put to use that we bought her. That makes me happy. I also sent a tub full of baby clothes, all washed, to GB yesterday. I still haven't heard if the baby's momma likes them. What is wrong with peoples manners today. I know for a fact that I was brought up to show appreciation and to say thank yous. I also write out a thank you and mail it.

Sadie is in the sun. My husband was up for a bit, and is now back to sleep. He works today at 2:30pm, so he leaves at 1:30pm, needs to be up and getting ready by 12:30pm, and if he wants to eat something, he better be up by noon.

I talked with my parents this weekend, they called Sunday around 5pm. I asked my dad where they went because remember me writing that they didn't tell me. Well, my dad, thought he told me. So he said, here's mom, she can let you know all the details, he was grilling chicken and needed to get back outside. So my mom gets on the phone and I ask, where did they go. My dad had his yearly heart checkup. He had quadriple bypass surgery in 1993. It will be 20 years come next April and then they are going to decide what needs to be done. My dad has lasted a very long time. He is very careful with his diet, and he exercises daily at the YMCA. My mom I could tell was getting shaky sounding in her voice, so I knew what was coming, she said that she has to get back to making the rest of the dinner, the chicken would be done soon. In other words, my mom didn't want to talk about my dad anymore, and she just wanted to be done talking. Sometimes my mom can be very abrupt. So now I know where they went. It also makes me realize how I have to get up there to their place for a visit. I asked my son if sometime he would come here for a few days to take care of my animals. I figure that my husband would appreciate the help. I don't want my two dogs to be in their kennels over 12 hours. That would be just terrible, and I don't have anyone around here that I could ask to help. That is sad to say but true. Good friends are too far away.

This is about all I have for now.