Update, Update....... (2012-04-14 - 6:24 a.m.)

Honestly I have written two times more since the last entry, then I hit the done or save button and poof, it goes out there somewhere. Hey, that is OK. I am now going to right click, then click copy first. I did that a couple of times before. I must be a slow learner is all.

Moving along, it finally rained some last night. The sidewalk is still wet, I hope that it continues to rain off and on all day, not hard. I am feeling it for the Midwest and the tornados. Severe weather isn't any fun. All family members are affected, meaning our fur babies. I did fill up the bird feeders yesterday afternoon so I wouldn't have to go out in the rain to do it today. I also put out the rain guage in the back holder now.

A couple of nights ago I slept poorly. I spent most of my time after 1 am or so, just not sleeping. I was working out how to stop paying the monthly rent for my son's apartment. I have to help them find a good home for those two cats. They have to go to a home together. I also have to help him decide what to do with his fish, he can store his fishtank. I want to talk with his girlfriends parents about this. They let my son stay at their house because their daughter wants to be there to have more help with the baby. Something needs to be done to get this completed. I could be saving the money to help them if they need a security deposit for a new place. I don't kid myself about getting my security deposit I paid for the current apartment. I just can't go up there, work all day, drive back here because I can't be gone too long from my pet care. I really need some help with this. I just can't do it all, like I used to be able to. Maybe if my husband has two days off or probably a weekend would be better. I just don't want to sleep in that apartment, and I can't afford to sleep in a motel because, hey, I don't have alot of money, and I don't want to ask my husband, because he would pay for a motel. It is a crap shoot. I have to figure it out. The finding a good home for the cats to go to is the holdup. I don't want them to have to go to the animal humane place. So this is what is going on in my thoughts right now. I have to work this out and soon.

Next week is my dad's birthday and one of my old coworkers who I liked alot. So I made up cards and sent them out yesterday. I always think that people would like to have their card early so that they can enjoy it for awhile before their birthday. We gave my dad a subscription for "Science News." My husband likes that magazine and he thought that my dad would also.

The guy across the road, wife and dog came here yesterday afternoon. She always seems to pick the crappy weekends to show up, weather wise. He told me that she gets bored up here and that is why she doesn't come up here much. She is a city gal. I figured that she would show up here soon because he and some friends are going fishing in North Dakota in May sometime. Also his son, who is in his early 40's will be living here with him soon, sometime in May. Why, because he has been in prison for paper crimes, writing bad checks and some other stuff. The guy across the road said he won't be a problem. Hello, this man, his son has been in prison. So I as always will be watchful. His other son is a recovering drug addict. We raise them the best we can, and then set them free to make some stupid decisions that change their lives forever. Anyhow, soon his neighbor, also our neighbor will be moving to Neenah. So that will be alot of changes for the guy across the road. He has lived here pretty much alone all these years, with having company when he does, so having an almost middle aged son move in with you will be a big adjustment. Wow, I have to give the guy across the road credit to be willing to still be supportive to his son. For the longest time when this son would call him, he wouldn't answer the phone. Just recently he did.

What else, nothing much, the usual is all. Making chicken and rice for me. Made a beef roast for my husband. I did red potatoes and carrots also in the crockpot. My crockpot is on the outs. A piece chipped off the handle. I can still work with that. The annoying thing is that the lid isn't level and wobbles on top, so that makes it have to cook longer. I looked at crockpots at Shopko on Thursday, after our screening for the health insurance, I didn't like the choices there at Shopko. I did buy one pair of black knit pants for myself. One of my pair has got holes in the back butt seam going on, so I think that pair is on the outs. That is the first piece of clothing I have bought since I became unemployed. My husband bought me two new bras about 6 months ago. Pretty soon I will need some new underwear. I hate to go clothes shopping. I am not a big spender, especially on myself.

That is about all for now.