What's Going On Here..... (2012-03-11 - 7:49 a.m.)

I love returning to daylight savings time. I don't mind losing an hour because for me it is one less hour to toss and turn and flip and flop, plus one less hour to have my body ache in the morning. Sadie also does better on daylight savings time. Now on the other hand, thank heavens this year my husband has this weekend off because then I am hoping that he doesn't complain as much about returning to daylight savings time. Enough said about that.

On the weather front around here, remember me being a little concerned about getting rain. Well we didn't get as much as planned thank heavens for small favors from the rain gods up there. Tonight the weather people are telling us that we will get a little rain. The ice in the channel behind us hasn't sunk yet, so any rain for now will just sit on top of the channel and the lake here. Oh well. The fire danger around here is high, so I am hoping that we don't get any wildfires going. It is always something I guess.

This week body wise hasn't been all that great. Though today so far I am feeling pretty good. Pretty good is all I ask for really. I am happy to feel overall pretty good most days. I do what I can for as long as I can, then I rest a bit and find something else to do. Who cares really. I am happy most days just to wake up.

One of my old co-workers has a birthday this week. So I am going to go through some of my in mint condition knitting books to give her. You do what you can when your money resources are so limited. I have so many birthday cards, I think I should have enough birthday cards for the next zillion years, plus I can always make some. I have so many rubber stamps.

I look outside and it amazes me how, when I waited for the first snow to fall, how great and picked up the property looked. Now since we have had such strong winds this past month, the property looks just messy. From the oak leaves finally falling off, the small and not so small limbs and branches falling down, to the zillions of pine cones again all over the property. It looks like I didn't even pick anything up. So I have my job cut out for me. The weather folks are saying next week that we could have 70 degrees here. WTF is up with this, wow, is all I can say. I raked up black sunflower shells around the feeders awhile back, and I will do that today again I am thinking. I have almost a full black garbage bag full of them now. I put the garbage bag in a garbage can, I rake or use a broom, shovel them up with the scoop shovel. I also see alot of sunflower shells all over the yard, because they get blown there and also shoveled to other places. Plus I again have to figure out how to transport my huge debris pile in the back of the property. The dragging the limbs and such onto the channel ice to burn didn't work, so I have to think of something else. All I know is that dragging the branches back up onto the bank was tough. I have my work cut out for me there, especially since my husband has told me pretty much that since I put it where I did, the debris, that I could work on getting rid of it. He said that he wouldn't of put it there. He wanted it out front, I didn't because it looks awful out there. No one else puts there leaves/limbs/pinecones/ twigs and such out front. So I may be hauling it away one wheelbarrow at a time to the place off the Island. Doesn't that sound like sooooooooo much fun. I am determined to get it done. I have time, the bonus is, alot of walking and exercise. I just do what I can, then rest.

I am not whining about this, it just is, and has to get done. The neighbors on both sides of us here, their yards look awful, it is wall-to-wall oak leaves, small branches and twigs, plus the pinecones all over. It looks like nature's carpeting. So as that dries up, it becomes a fire hazard. So what is worse, my huge long pile, or their full area leaves and stuff? Enough said of my workload ahead.

I want to go to the cheese place that we like to go to today. I have said this all Winter, so I am hoping that I feel good enough this morning when my husband finally wakes up. He just chuckles, he thinks that it will never happen. Well if it doesn't, think of the gas money we save, and the money we would have spent at the cheese place, so there.

I really don't have a whole heck of alot to write here. The sun looks so pretty across the road in the tree tops, Sadie will be happy again today, her being such a sun goddess. If she was human, she would have such a dark tan, and I would be nagging her to put more sunscreen on.

The channel is alot higher