That Start of 2012.... (2012-01-01 - 6:21 a.m.)

I bet you are all wondering and are sitting on the edges of your computer chairs or wherever you are reading this. No not quite. OK, just to start out with, Happy New Year 2012. I say whatever, isn't it true that one day just flows into the next. That really is alright and actually a wonderful thing. No extraordinary drama, no obvious turmoil going on, etc. Please disregard the awful spelling I have going on this morning. If I take to much time thinking about how a particular word is spelled I will lose my flow of thoughts here. This is what has been happening around here this week.
Wednesday I walked, Thursday I went to Green Bay, because I got a call late Wednesday night from my son, his girlfriend was in the hospital in terrible pain, remember me writing about her gall bladder. Well she couldn't hack it anymore, and her doctor put her in the hospital. She had been throwing up for the past 6 days, wasn't able to eat or drink. All I can say is, she sure must have a high threshold of pain tolerance. So I began my drive to GB when it became light out. I got there in time to go and see her in the holding surgery bay. They took her in and we waited. I had to leave by 1:30pm in order to get home before dark. I don't do well in night driving anymore. So she was out of surgery, in recovery when I left. It was fine. Now she is at home and mending. So then moving onto Friday, I walked again, and I also walked on Saturday. Now for today, I just came in from shoveling. It is the heavy, wet snow, and it is slippery underneath. It is also super windy. I don't know if I will be able to walk again today. I don't want to take the chance of falling down and breaking a bone, that would really interfere with my life, like I would have a choice. So for today, we will see about the walk.

I just want to say thanks to the person who mentioned me in her writing today, about the doggies and me. I must write way too much about my pets, for some folks, that must be extremely boring. Without my two dogs and cat, there would probably be less purpose in my life, so I am thankful to be able to care for them, about them, and love them unconditionally. They bring me peace. Sadie yesterday had a seizure again. We were going around the cul-de-sac and she started to lean and shake. I zoomed in and scooped her up. By the time we got back to the deck, she was in a full blown seizure. It was or seemed to be a long one. I am glad I stayed home yesterday, my husband went to Marshfield to do errands. Sadie had been having signs of a seizure that was coming. Her ears bend over funny, and she just stands in one place I think for too long. I am here for her. Then Malcolm over hovers around her. So I kicked off my Merrells and sat on the couch holding her until it passed. When it is over for her, it is like nothing happened other than she goes and lays down to sleep for a bit. This time she drooled alot more.

Wow, I can hear the wind in the pines right now outside. The rain/snow/sleet mixture we had overnight will make the branches heavy and some may snap and fall. That is always sad to see. Did I mention how heavy the snow was to push when I was out there? Oh yes, I did. Haven't had to do much shoveling so far this year. I hope that the people going to the GB Packer game take it easy driving. They say the roads are terrible.

My husband is still sleeping. He got a handmade pizza to have today for during the game. That starts at noon here. So I will probably go to bed and read, and nap.

So this week has been kind of busy, my son's girlfriend didn't make it to her scheduled gall bladder surgery day, which would have been tomorrow. My husband was home sick on Thursday, I didn't know he had diarrhea until I called him to say I got to GB safely. He was sleeping when I left. Where he works, they have had diarrhea so bad there, that it was bound to happen to him.

I plan to do some FarmVille, CastleVille, and Gardens of Time now. In Gardens of Time, there is this challenge to get these purple crystals, I still don't get how I get more. They make it almost impossible to get them and finish the challenge. I won't buy any, and I am sure that is what they want you to do. I can't afford to buy any anyway. I am still eating little bits of tator tot hotdish, it is really good. I recently started eating a little hamburger.

I wish each and everyone who reads the words I write a good day, each and every day. Make it what you need it to be and want it to be. Be joyful and find peace within yourself and lives.