Neighbor News...... (2011-12-14 - 5:08 a.m.)

Our neighbor across the road will be gone for 32 days, starting today. You ask, how do I know. Well, let me tell you, yesterday, I saw him drive out of his driveway, he then went down towards the curve of the cul-de-sac and went into the woods. He was going to his woodpile. So smart me, thought he is going to load up the back of his pickup with split wood to take back home, which is southeast of here, and outside suburb of Milwaukee. So since I know he has health problems and a bad arm, I got my work hoodie on and gloves and went over to help him. I put the wood on his tailgate and he stacked it in the bed of his pickup. Since he has to stop frequently to breathe, it took awhile. He talks the whole time. I got caught up with all his families news, etc. Thank heavens it was in the upper 30's for temps. I was cold when I finally got in the house. I asked him if our neighbor will become one of the unemployed again because of the Brocow(I don't think I spelled that right) paper company closing. Sure enough, I was worried that this was the case. Yes, our neighbor will be unemployed come Feb. 15, 2012. This would be this neighbors 2nd unemployment. He is high up there in management. He is a superindent or something. Big bucks. My neighbor across the road said that a head hunter has already contacted him. One job possibility is in Alabama. I don't see them moving there, even though all the kids are gone, out of the house, on their own. His wife likes the hot weather and complains alot when I talk to her about the cold and snow. Their daughter is planning a September wedding. They both grew up in this area, their family and friends are all here. Yes, they are locals. I am a transplant, and will never really fit in, you know how it is. So I was sad to hear that our neighbor would again have to seek employment. They are younger than us. So back to my neighbor across the road. He will be gone until Jan. 15, 2012. He has numerous doctor's appointments scheduled he said. His wife made them for him. He said that they are also having alot of company starting this Thursday. Now remember he is up here, and she still works down where their main house is. He likes the solace, as I do. So he said, he is bringing his ice auger and ice fishing bucket, just so that he can get away from everything sometimes down there. He also said that when he comes back, his wife is coming along, he said that she needs a vacation. They have alot going on. Should I tell I can't. Just believe me when I write, that my son's difficulties are smaller compared to what their two sons have done and are going through. His wife the last time she was up here, took their little trailer full of split wood back there. That is why he has to take more split wood down there in the back of his pickup. He has a slider top on it, so he can only fit so much in it. Some is better than none, as I say. So I went and helped him load up his wood. Then we attempted to recover some of his woodpile up with the tarp. We didn't do very well. Some of it was frozen to the ground. So yesterday afternoon, I did a good deed. What are neighbors for, be kind and helpful to others. He thanked me.

Sadie's vet visit went alright. They gave her a shot of medicine that would help if she got an allegric reaction to one of the three shots she got. So far she is doing alright. They also gave us two pain pills for her. You snap them in half, so really it is 4 days worth if she needs them. Last night around 6:30pm I gave her half a one. She was walking like she was in slow motion and very delicately. She squeaked some. So we knew she needed relief. Malcolm new something was up. Now this morning she seems better. I am hoping she is. I noticed a couple of bumps on the top of her head, hive like bumps. She gained 1 pound. The vet wondered where, she has such an hour glass shape. So the next time, hopefully dealing with the vet will be in April 2012 when both dogs go in to get their blood taking for the heartworm test, so that they can start taking their heartworm chews. Though just in the past few days, due to the upper temps here, I saw a number of flying insects.

When I put the dogs out this morning, there was some snow on the ground, but I could also hear rain coming down. It is going to be another yucky day outside. My neighbor across the road, said yesterday that is was only supposed to rain. I didn't tell him that, those weather people most of the time aren't right. So I hope that he has a safe drive down.

My husband works for the next three nights. Today he has an inservice, so he has to be up by 11 am, so he can go by noon. He works 2:30pm until 10:30pm or when he gets his charting done, then Thursday and Friday are the 10:30pm until 6:30am shift. Which in actuallity is he may be home by 9am or so. He is happy that the Packers are 13 and 0. They play again on Sunday, I think at noon. I am not into watching football, that will probably be quiet time for me in my bedroom, reading, and then taking a nap.

We may get a package today from my parents. My mom said that she mailed it out on Monday. We will see. That's about it for now. Not to exciting, I hope the writing wasn't too long winded and boring.