Progress & All That..... (2011-12-11 - 7:02 a.m.)

I was soaking in the jaccuzzi last night, listening to some music. Stevie Nicks is who I was listening too. I heard a poetic line in one of her songs. It was, "you read me between the lines." It was something like that. So you know me, I just started thinking about the meaning of that. It seems that when you are in a relationship with someone for years, they may start to say to you things like, "I know what you really mean, when you say that," or "why don't you just tell me what you mean, so I don't have to read between your words." I continued to think on, "how well does anyone know us?" Our signicfant others may pride themselves in knowing or understanding us, though I think that as individuals we are always evolving(changing) hopefully for the better good of our soul. So when I heard the song line, it got me to thinking. I missed alot of songs, then I got back to just emptying out my mind so that I could totally relax again.

Gosh, I am hoping that today will be warmer outside. This past week sure has been hard to go outside, even to walk the doggies a short bit. They say a warm up of sorts is coming. I just want a windless few days is all. I won't whine alot, because why bother, it just doesn't change it outside.

I did two loads of laundry on Friday, I was hoping that I would get it all done on Friday, no such luck. I just don't seem to ever do more than two loads of laundry per day. Two must be my cut off number. I skipped Saturday, do any laundry, because I didn't feel like doing anything major. So this morning, shortly after I woke up, I did another load of laundry. I have the jeans and socks almost done drying. So that will be done. I still should do a load of towels, we will see. I got up early, but by my schedule it wasn't as early as usual. I am trying to cut back on my diet pepsi intake. I said I am trying. That is why I think that I didn't get up as early. I am going to try less diet pepsi today again. It would be one way of saving us some money. This time in my husband's paycheck they deducted a little over $200.00 for the health insurance. So he is telling me that we need to cut back on costs here. I thought, what can I cut back on, I don't go anywhere, I don't do anything, what, so I came up with reducing my diet pepsi intake. It could only be healthier to drink less DP. I won't stop drinking it totally, because I like the taste of DP. Since I have become unemployed I have only renewed two magazine subscriptions. One was one of my husband's magazines he really likes. I asked him what he could give up? How about Sirus radio subscription. He loves to listen to the political talk shows. His response was it is only $12.00 a month. Well honey, multiply 12 times 12 and that would be $144.00 a year, which the subscription rate may go up. I also suggested he get rid of his car. He makes monthly payments of $300 plus each month. My car is paid off. I think we could manage on one car. We could make it work. I don't go anywhere alot anymore. He doesn't know how to get rid of the car. Is he dumb or what. Research what to do. So all the money over the years you have paid into the loan is lost. At least you wouldn't have a monthly car payment, have to pay car insurance and maintannence, etc. I don't think that he will get rid of the car. This last Friday, he bought two new tires, got an alignment, and an oil/filter change. Nah, he doesn't plan to give up his little "red" car! I said lets give up the base phone in the house. I also said, that I will give up my cell phone, I dislike greatly cell phones. I figure in an emergency, everyone else has a cell and can call. I also suggested by telling him, I do believe I am able to let go of getting dishnetwork. I read alot. I don't know if he could give up having extra channels. So needless to say, I have put some thought into this, and I am willing to let some material wants go, can he. I suggested alot of these over a couple of months ago, we could have gotten rid of the base phone then. Every little bit of savings count. Now it is up to him to make his decisions. I don't plan on arguing about money, I will work it out and compromise. There are alot of other things a person can do during the day and/or night. Don't be afraid to let things go, it might actually be a better thing to do.